Technology that e-cigarettes acquired popularity and demand on

in Vaping Industry

Almost everything has
now been taken over by technology. And those which were already a product given
birth by technology are bound to have innovation and modification.

Ever since vaping has
evolved it’s based on customization. With the passage of time, e- cigarettes
have gained popularity exponentially. It was considered to be a myth in 1960s
to imagine vaping tanks with Octo Coils. It won’t be an overstatement if we say
that just because of the customization factor which a blessing of technology is
indeed; vaping has tremendously grown over the years.


It was during April
1963, when the first vaporizers were initially introduced, as a patent was
filed by Herbert Gilbert on the “Smokers non-tobacco cigarette”. According to
him, it was pretty obvious that smoking was injurious to health. As a result,
he decided to provide a suitable alternate where one did not require anything
to burn in order to inhale.

Being an emerging
alternative to cigarettes, e-cigarettes faced hard time to grab users’
attention as the love & craving for cigarettes kept persistent for a long
period of time. Not only had this, but the support of doctors in favor of
cigarettes also created barriers for the emerging alternative to get popular.
This consumer behavior wasted many years which actually slowed the launch and
rise of e-cigarettes to a great extent as the patent usually gets expired
before we could have any of the vaporizer.

It was until 2003,
before a new life was given to vaping, when “Analogue Cigarettes” were first
developed by Hon Lik, a Chinese Doctor. These went for production in 2004 which
made vaping much more accessible.

for Next Generation

Year 2011 proved a
significant development for vaping, as it became much more prominent. Since the
monopoly of cigarettes was a great deal to break, it only happened when
e-cigarettes became relatively efficient as with the use of electricity and the
introduction of dual coils helped the users to get better quality vapors. As
the technology evolved it made everything better since the Tank style clearos
started using replacement coils, these are pre-manufactured replacements which
could be exchanged & removed along with the innovation in the coil
technology and power output.

Vaping market had
expanded at a higher pace by 2013 in DIY (homemade) E-liquid sector, also the
knowledgeable consumers increased dramatically. Resultantly, the variety and
quality of vaping products improved very much.

By 2014, vaping
consumers were able to buy triple, quadruple, sextuple and octo-coils as the
market reached to a higher level due to increased demand.

– Today!

Since the emergence of
e-cigarettes, we have witnessed that e-cigarettes acquired popularity and
demand on the basis of customization which ultimately gave higher performance.

Today, we can observe
the increasing expectations that the users have from the future vaping
products, as the diversity and options for customization has given sheer
variety for both the new old users.

Usually, vaping appears
to be irresistible and appealing especially if we compare it with the timeworn
process of using a flame to ignite a cigarette. But vaping should not leave you
in the urge of having a cigarette, in case if it’s near you. Modification in
the use is being made on the basis of everyday. As a matter of fact, a number
of brands who offer cig-a-like and all-in-one box sets do not require any
experience to use and to make it consumer friendly.

Some of the best
e-cigarettes and starter vaping kits we may find today are:

Von Erl – Starter Kit – 
good for beginners

Pockex Pocket AIO – famous “pen style” device for

Brit One Mini – device for regular vapers

Ego AIO Box – for experienced vapers

By using these vaping
devices, you can always enjoy trending vaping with new flavors every time. All
you have to do is to open it up and start vaping!