Technology true because technology make us do things

Technology is a great thing, but it’s everything about good? Some people claim it makes you lazy and antisocial but that’s not true because technology make us do things more efficiently and easier. You can keep up with your friends with different apps but it’s all texting; Does technology get in the way of socializing, you spent hours on hours using your phone and after all you do is text. Do you really socialize? Does technology make us more alone?People say that technology take away person to person interaction, they claim that people get isolated because of technology that all they do is watch tv, use their phones and laptops. That technology make you insociable and not an effective person. That all you do is stay in your house and use your phone for texting or playing. A lot of people use different ways to communicate, whatsapp just in a month it has 1.2 Billion active users that a lot of people just texting and in Facebook in each day their Is 1.038 Billion active users.But that is not true because technology make people more social for example when people are chatting the probably making plans, when you watch tv you get informed about other things you probably didn’t knows.Technology sometimes has a bad reputation for leading people down scary ways like sexting, identity theft, and introducing predators into their lives. However, technology can streamline schedules, simplify work and home businesses, coordinate activities, and much more. Ways parents can use technology positively: Online calendars help coordinate everyone’s schedules and can be accessed by a variety of devices, Cell phones allow families to text updates on activities, practices, and even grocery lists, Busy parents are able to pay bills and bank online, and also check your kids graded.The kids nowadays depend on technology, kids don’t wanna play outside anymore and all they want to do is play with their tablets and watch tv so for they don’t know how to socially communicate, This is the biggest fear to technology integration in the classroom. Once it’s there, will everything fall apart if it is taken away? The first problem with this fear is that the likelihood of technology disappearing from society is very small.True kids need to play outside and have fun besides just using their tablets but you shouldn’t take them away you should give a certain amount of time of using tablets or watching tv. They shouldn’t be all day in their house they should be outside and socialize with other person for example us of calculators for simple calculations if anyone is asked “how much is 756 times 442 he should probably reach for his/her calculator. Unfortunately, most students at present consider the device more as a shortcut tool to success in math, instead of as a learning aid, Addiction to mobile phones to from middle school students to seniors- everyone seems to own a fancy smartphone and friends brag about their phones.Nowadays is nearly impossible to do anything without technology, technologies make everything hard easier things that could take hour now can take minutes communicating is easier and paying taxes now you could do it in a computer or your phone. Almost everybody nowadays has already used technology in one way or another. This just means that the influence of technology is so boundless that it has already reached all of the people in the entire globe today, one study shows that 55 % of high school students spend 9 hours a day using the social network sites and just 1 hour to learn and read. Yes technology can make things a lot easier but they’re still a lot of things you can do without technology losing weight is something that couldn’t be done by technology, eat you can’t eat technologies this is just obvious things but you can do different activities that don’t require technology building things or playing a board game with your family. A lot of other things you cannot do without but at the end technology make it easier and effective. At the end technology can more you more alone but it’s depends on how you use if some people use it for social purposes like chatting with friends or using it for searching things you don’t know or use efficiently for educational purpose and other people can use not socially like playing games alone all day. So it just depend on how you use it, if you use it the social and efficient ways it wouldn’t be that bad for you but if you use it for not social purposes it can affect you mentally and physically.