“The 2009). Human service organizations provide services to

“The field of Human
Services is broadly defined, uniquely approaching the objective of meeting
human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention
as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving
the overall quality of life of service populations,” (Wood,
n.d.).  The main goal or priority
is to improve the overall quality of life for the people within a community. I
personally believe that Human Service organizations improve the quality of life
in a variety of ways by guaranteeing availability, responsibility and
coordination among qualified organizations that deliver the programs/ services.
Overall, the profession improves quality and standard of life through
participant empowerment, advocacy and community support (Hasenfeld, 2009).

Human service organizations provide
services to all member of society in order to
help them stabilize their life and find self-sufficiency through treatment,
guidance, counseling and support. There are many ways in which Human Services
are provided to the public. The first way is by providing basic needs and
services for those in crisis that are searching for food, a safe environment or
shelter due to homelessness, drug/ physical abuse or lack of money. The second
way is by providing services to those who have chronic problems in their life
which require mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling or treatment
for medical conditions. The last way is for those who advocate Human Services
to improve/ promote safety, public health and economic conditions in their

For my portfolio project I
decided to select an organization that provides healing to individuals,
families and the community in a variety of ways/ services. The organization is
called Volunteers of America,. Since 1896 Volunteer of America has impacted “the lives of more
than 1.4 million people in over 400 communities in 46 states as well as the
District of Columbia and Puerto Rico each year,” (Volunteers of America, n.d.).
Since this project seeks to gather information on the organization, its
structure, mission, values and funding I thought it would be a perfect fit.

Overview of Volunteers of America

As a
Human Service professional I found that the most intriguing aspect is the
prevention/ recovery services that Volunteers
of America has to offer in multiple communities. “Volunteers of
America is a leader in the field and offers a continuum of supportive services
and residential treatment options to assist adolescents, adults and their
families to experience life without addiction and to become contributing
members of their community,” ( ______ ). They offer a number of programs and
services such as detoxification, intensive outpatient services and residential
treatment. Overall they are looking to serve anyone with the goal of helping
him or her become as self-reliant as possible for themselves, their families
and the community.

In order for any
organization to successfully achieve their mission they must have the right
people leading the way. Volunteers of America’s organization structure is hierarchical,
with Michael King named as the President/ CEO of the entire organization,
followed by multiple Vice President’s in different areas. The organization also
has a board of directors that provide oversight directly to the top management.
The board is represented by Richard Cavanagh (Board Chair), Rubye Noble (Vice
Chair), June Koegel (Secretary), Jerry G. Langley (Treasurer), Mike King
(President/ CEO) and many more that have not been named.  

The board and its head’s have been
effective in their leadership because not only have then been able to
successfully help those in need but because they have been able to achieve many
milestones due to the right funding being available. According to Volunteers of
America 2016 annual report, it shows that 45.8% of their funding comes from the
federal government, 20.96% comes from state and local government, 15.05% comes
from program fees and another 11.85% comes from public support. Overall, they
rely on many different sources to fund their work and aren’t afraid to reach
out to local corporations/ foundations for their support, or ask for donations
from the community to ensure that their programs and services are everything
the client needs.

reading multiple reviews about Volunteers of America, I found that they use
multiple motivation programs to motivate and appreciate their team members. One
of the motivation programs is the award recognition that honors the greatest community
service and volunteer of the year. It is important that these awards acknowledge
team members who have shined in their position and motivate them while also
challenging other staff members to take cues and follow along that path. 

organization also stated how important it is to them that they engage it’s team
members in timely and constant training sessions to remain up to date with
changing dynamics. Consistent training ensures that the staff is productive and
effective in treating patients to the best of their ability. It is also a
reminder for team members to take what they do very seriously so that the
patient never feels judged, overlooked or insignificant.

contemporary management theory with staff

nature of the company is diverse with competing interests, yet these interests
are interwoven and dependent on one another to function. For example, the
community relation division is reliant on the finance division in order to
approve and release funds to carry out its programs/ activities. The finance division,
in turn, is dependent on the fundraising division to source the funds. I
believe the entire organization works as a harmonious structure so that if one
part is not functioning then, the entire organization will have trouble staying
afloat. “A  contemporary approach to management that says
that a proper combination of workers (the social system) and their knowledge,
training and tools (the technical system) leads to organizational effectiveness
in satisfying customers,” (Contemporary Approaches to Management &
Environments, 2014). If I were a supervisor and decided to utilize
this theory, I would need to get a strong understanding/ appreciation for each
role and how they effect the organization in order to effectively make a