The 2018. 4. Transmission The Audi R8 2018

Thenew Audi R8 2018 is a beautifully crafted modern sports car that is as easy todrive as it is to live with.  It boasts apowerful engine that offers amazing performance and has been ranked in the top5 Luxury Sports Cars of 2018. The only negatives for this premium sports car isthe poor fuel economy and the narrow racing seats that are offered. TheAudi R8 has a reasonable starting price compared to other competitors withsimilar features. However with additional customisations, the price is expectedto increase significantly.

When compared to its competitors Lamborghini,Ferrari and Mercedes Benz, the R8 2018 is built ideally for speed rather thanprimarily luxury.    1.MilesTheAudi R8 2018 has an estimated 22 Miles per Gallon (MPG) for highway for EPAFuel Economy, while for the city, it is 14 Miles per Gallon (MPG). The cruisingrange in miles for the city is 306. 60 while for the highway, it is 481.80. Theestimated combined Fuel Economy is 17 Miles per Gallon (MPG). 2.

The BrakesThetype of brakes featured on the R8 2018 sports car have not been identified,however, it features a 4- wheel Anti-locking Brake System (ABS) with both frontand rear disc brakes. The front brake rotor is 15 inches thick, while the rearbrake rotor is a little thinner at 14 inches thick.3.

The fuel tankThe fuel tank capacity of any automobile variesmodel by model and car by car. The approximate capacity of the fuel tank on thenew Audi R8 2018 sports car is about 21.9 gallons which is larger than somecars in its rank. No Aux fuel tank is found on the Audi R8 2018. 4. TransmissionThe Audi R8 2018 sports car has an All-WheelDrive (AWD) Drivetrain with Auto- Shift Manual with OD. The First Gear ratio is3.13, the Second Gear ratio is 2.

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59 while the Third through to Seventh Gearratios are as follows: 1.96, 1.24, 0.

98, 0.98 and 0.84. The Final Drive Axleratio is 3.59.

5. Dimensions- InteriorThe new Audi R8 2018 is a two- seater withan average front head room of 38.5 inches; the average leg room is 40.9 inches.

The front shoulder room is 55.1 inches. The hip room and passenger volume havenot been indicated as in other competing sports cars. 6. The EngineThe powerful engine featured in the Audi R82018 is a Premium Unleaded V-10, with a 5.2 L/318 displacement and a Port/Direct injection fuel system.

The SAE net horsepower is 610 at 7800 revolutionsper minute (RPM), while the SAE torque is 413 at 6500 revolutions per minute(RPM).7. Electrical systemThe Audi R8 2018 sports car has 420 coldcranking amps at 0°F, while the maximum alternator capacity is 210 amps. Bothsuspensions in the front and the rear of the vehicle are double wish bone.

Thismeans that the suspensions are designed with two wishbone shaped pieces thatare parallel to each other that keep the wheel from tilting.8. The WheelsThe front wheels on the new Audi R8 2018sports car are 19 x 8.5 inches while the rear wheels are 19 x 11 inches. Bothwheels are composed of forged aluminium which are 3 times as strong as thoseproduced by pouring liquid aluminium into moulds as they are produced underintense pressure.9.  Dimensions- ExteriorThe dimension of the wheelbase on the AudiR8 2018 is 104.

4 inches, while the overall length of this popular sports car isaround 174.3 inches. The maximum width is 76.4 inches without the mirrorsincluded and the height, overall, is 48.8 inches. The track width at the frontof the R8 2018 is 64.

5 inches while the track at its rear is 63 inches.10. Mechanics- 1The Audi r8 sports car has a 7- speed Stronic transmission with driver selectable mode and steering wheel fitted with easyaccess controls.

The motor car also features an engine oil cooler, and a 75amp/hr 420CCA battery that is 100% maintenance free and sports Run Downprotection.11. Mechanics- 2The new Audi r8 sports car also has a 210Amp alternator and shock absorbers that are gas pressurized and anti-roll barson the front and rear of the car.

Power-assist steering, stainless steelexhaust with a black finish and mechanical limited slip differential as well aspermanent locking hubs are some other mechanical features of the R8.12. Exterior details- 1The Audi R8 2018 boasts a number ofexterior details including 19 inch wheels with 5-double-spoke design, a sparetire, carbon fibre body-side insert and heated side mirrors that house turnsignal indicators and can fold inwards at the push of a button. The rear windowfeatures a defroster to keep it clear of frost and snow. 13. Exterior details- 2Another feature that is not very popular insports cars is the R8’s rain detecting wipers that can change speed dependingon the intensity of the rain. The front windshield is fitted with a visorstrip, black grilles with chrome surround detail the front of the sports car,and light tinted glass as well as fog lamps in the front and rear.14.

Exterior details- 3In addition to those features mentionedabove, the Audi R8 2018 sports car also features LED brake lamps, a lift-gateaccess to the car’s rear cargo area and wing spoiled. Upgraded high beam headlamps have been added with Automatic Projector Beam and Laser SupplementDaytime Running.  15. In –car Entertainment 1The Audi R8 2018 sports car boasts an AudiMMI Navigation Plus radio with USB ports as well as smartphone interface.Drivers may also stream music directly from their mobile devices to the radioby Bluetooth connection.  A 90- daysubscription for the Sirius XM satellite radio is an additional feature.

16. In –car Entertainment 2The radio and other media interface isdisplayed on an LCD monitor that is fixed at the front of the R8 2018. It hasseek- scan, can be used with MP3 players, features a single mounted remote CDand voice activation. The In- car Entertainment system also has volume controlsthat automatically adjust based on the speed of the car.17. SafetyThe Audi R8 2018 sports dual stage airbagsfor both passenger and driver; front, head –curtain, knee and side airbags. Thereis a power central locking system featuring safety unlock if the airbags becomedeployed. Brake assist and Electronic Brake- pressure Distribution (EBD) andrear camera are another safety feature of the car.

18. More safety features  A few other safety features includeElectronic Stability Control (ESC), traction control and secondary collisionbrake assist. State -of -the -art alarm system, to prevent theft, withimmobiliser, a monitoring system for tire pressure, seat belts with adaptiveforce limiters and electromechanical parking brake are standard safetyfeatures.19. Standard interior- 1Interior features that come standard withthe Audi R8 2018 sports car includes two wheel- mounted buttons; Start/ Stopfor the engine and Audi drive.

Automatic dimming rear view mirror, aluminiumdoor sills that illuminate at night, stainless steel foot pedals and a flatbottom leather- bound steering wheel with a manually adjusted steering columnare some interior features that come standard.20. Standard interior- 2A few other standard interior featuresinclude automatic climate control, windows with one touch up/ down operation, heatedpower seats with height and longitudinal adjustment , a number of gaugesincluding speedometer, voltmeter, trip odometer and oil temperature.  Mobile hotspot internet access is a greataddition. 21. Interior details- 1The Audi R8 2018 sports car features anumber of interior details that increase the functionality of the motorvehicle.

Some of these include a front cup holder, compass, panic button,keyless entry, valet mode and an illuminating locking glove compartment. Adriver foot rest is also located to the left of the brake pedal.22.

Interior details- 2Driver and passenger vanity mirrors arelocated on the visor above each seat and feature a light, so the mirror can beused in low lighting conditions. The interior lights fade off, a net is affixedto the cargo area to secure contents and the hood of the car houses a light forvisibility at nights.  23. SeatsThe seats in the Audi R8 2018 sports carare made of Nappa leather and are 18- way power sport seats. They feature apneumatic seat button that allows both driver and passenger the luxury ofadjusting their seats to their individual preference.

24. Seat customizationThe standard seat colour is a black Nappaleather, however, customers have the option of selecting Express Red, VermontBrown, Rotor Gray or Black Silver leather. In addition, clients can choosebetween the standard stitching option or select the diamond in either MacawBlue, Express Red or Vegas Yellow.25. InlaysThe Audi R8 2018 sports car comes standardwith Anthracite inlays that surround many of the interior silver- tonedcontrols in the motor car. However, customers have the option of selectingCarbon Atlas inlays for an additional cost of $3,400.  26. Body colourThe exterior of the Audi R8 2018 can bepainted in an array of colours starting as low as $575 up to $6,000.

Theseinclude Silver and Gray Metallic, Ibis White, Green Metallic and Ara BlueCrystal. The Matte body paint and exclusive paint colour are at the top of theprice range.27. The Price- 1The six- figure price tag of the Audi R8 isstill reasonable when compared to some of its other competitors on the market. TheCoupe Quattro V10 model goes for $165, 450 for the manufactured suggestedretail price, while the Coupe Quattro V10 plus comes in a little over at $192,450.

28. The Price- 2The price tag mentioned above does notinclude the $1, 250 worth of fees. This comprises destination, taxes, dealerfees, title and registration. The final sale price will depend on negotiationsbetween clients and dealers.

 29. Customizing wheelsThe standard wheels are 19 inches 5- doublespoke forged, finished with silver finished. Clients have the option ofchoosing either 20 inches 10- spoke Y- design silver wheels for $1,500 or 20inches 10- spoke Y- design wheels with anthracite finish for $2, 800.30.  BrakepackageCustomers can further personalize theirAudi R8 2018 sports car with red brake callipers for $700. In addition, a ceramicbrake package is available for $9,900 which includes 15 inches front ceramicdisc brakes with 6- piston callipers and 14 inch rear ceramic disc with 4-piston callipers. 31.  Carbon packageThe Audi R8 2018 sports car also featuresan exterior Carbon package for $5, 600.

It includes a full Carbon Fiber enginecover as well as Carbon Sigma side blades. The interior Carbon package however,goes for $3,400 and includes Carbon Sigma high- gloss inlays around the airvents and virtual cockpit area. 32.  Black packageA Black optic package costing just under$3, 000 is a feature that clients can take into account when purchasing theirAudi R8 sports car. It features the 20 inches 10- spoke Y- design wheels withanthracite finish, black exhaust tips, Titanium black exterior trim and Mythosblack side blades.

33. Leather package The Audi R8 2018 interior can be customisedto a full leather interior for $3,000, with the purchase of the leatherpackage. This includes leather on the upper dashboard as well as the lowersections, leather on the door panels and the sides of the car; leather wouldalso cover the airbags for a more sophisticated look.34. WarrantyThe Audi R8 2018 sports car comes with abasic warranty of 4 year or 50, 000 miles.

The warranty for Drive-train is also4 years or 50, 000 miles and for corrosion of any part of the vehicle is up to12 years. Warranty for maintenance is 1 year or 10, 000 miles, while thewarranty for Roadside Assistance is 4 years at unlimited miles.35. The bodyThe body of the Audi R8 20108 is madeentirely from lightweight high tech materials that incorporate Carbon Fibre andaluminium into the design. This causes the sports car to be praised for its incrediblestrength- to- weight ratio; it weighs in at only 1,454 kg which equates to3,205 lbs.36.  The designThe Audi R8 2018 has clean and bold designwith an under- square design, alternating firing intervals and offset cylinderbanks.

It has a Space Frame underbody and is low and short to the road. Thecargo area has been design for weekend getaways as it can fit up to twosuitcases, a suit bag and a shoe bag.37. Virtual cockpit- 1The virtual cockpit is a new feature thathas not been seen in other sports car to date.

The Audi R8 features a 12.3 inchscreen with 1,440 x 540 pixels just behind the 3-spoke steering wheel withcustom views and modes. It delivers sharp displays and bright images with zeroreflections while driving.

38. Virtual cockpit- 2The virtual cockpit uses a Tegra 30 chipfrom NVIDIA who has partnered with Audi. In addition, it uses a separate videoand audio system than the entertainment system with radio fitted to the car,making it run smoother without hitches. The virtual cockpit has 2 GB of memory.39.

 Virtual cockpit- 3The virtual cockpit in the Audi R8 2018displays information to drivers with beautiful effects. Take for example therev counter needle that moves with pure fluidity when the engine is beingrevved under full load. Moving through lists of options is based on the modeland the colour scheme displayed depends entirely on the basic menu selected. 40. Virtual cockpit- 4Drivers have the option of switchingbetween the user interfaces simply by pressing the ‘view’ button mounted on thesteering wheel for driver convenience.

If the Infotainment mode is selected,the virtual cockpit turns into a large window for viewing navigation maps andlists from your smartphone.41. Virtual cockpit- 5The Infotainment mode, when selected alsodisplays the speedometer and rev counter but in small rounds. Select classicmode and the large window will decrease and the digital gauges will increase insize to resemble those analog gauges on the dashboard.42. Virtual cockpit- 6Drivers have another option of selectingperformance mode, which shows a large rev counter on the screen. The revcounter appears in colour when the 7- speed S tronic is being used in manualmode. It has five sections and a red section at the end which displays todrivers the limit of 8,500 rpm; shift light alerts occupants that the limit hasbeen reached.

43. Virtual cockpit- 7 The Virtual cockpit can be customized asdrivers can added other gauges around the rev counter on the screen. The g-meter displays the forces that act when the car is accelerating, driving aroundcurves or applying the brakes; it goes up to 1.5 g. A lap timer can also beadded which can be used to document up to 99 laps and organise the times.

44. Virtual cockpit- 8 The Virtual cockpit allows the Audi R8 tofunction as a race car, providing drivers with engine oil and transmissionfluid temperatures right on the screen. It also features a new menu structurewith a multi- media interface providing clients with easy operation as seen intoday’s smartphones with frequently used settings accessed at the touch of abutton.45.

Virtual cockpit- 9Another interesting feature of the Virtualcockpit is the Multi- media interface search. This option is available irrespectiveof the mode drivers have selected and is used by inputting text. Answers aregenerated almost immediately after a few letters, depending on the physicallocation of the car.46. Virtual cockpit- 10A multi- media interface (MMI) area hasbeen added to the console in the center of the Audi R8 2018 sports car and hasbeen given an entirely new design. This includes highly responsive push- buttonand rotary controls. The top of the controls houses the MMI touch interface sodrivers can easily input text in addition to scrolling on the screen andzooming to increase the size of information displayed.

47. Virtual cockpit- 11The controls not only have touch interfacebut have toggle switches behind and in front to be used when selecting basicmenus functions, the home button and going back to the previous screen.Additional buttons are located to the right and the left of these push- buttonsand are entirely responsible for launching shortcut and other functional menus.48. Virtual cockpit- 12The Virtual cockpit of the Audi R8 can alsodisplay current traffic information or radio bands from the radio menu with theuse of these buttons are located to the right and the left of the push- buttoncontrols.

Destinations that have been entered into the car’s GPS can becompiled in a favourites list and easily selected if ever being used again.Available parking spaces can also be displayed on the screen.49. Virtual cockpit- 13The Virtual cockpit has also addedadditional technology with the use of voice control. It has been programmed torecognize a number of regular expressions that are used every day. Connect yoursmartphone to the car’s system via Bluetooth and utilize voice control to makea call directly from your contacts hands- free while driving.

 It also plays radio stations and a particularsong from your smartphone all with a simple command. 50. Virtual cockpit- 14The wheel- mounted controls, besides thoseon the center console, can be used to control the Virtual cockpit in the AudiR8. The controls on the left of the steering wheel can be used for movingthrough lists of menus, while on the right are the favourite button and thevolume control button. The scrolling feature, however, cannot be controlledfrom the steering wheel.