The against her own at court 3rd generation

The film, Freedom Writers, displays a story of a devoted teacher who works
for a gang-filled school, and cannot find any backing or resources for her
classroom since none of the faculty believes they will even pass freshmen year.

And worse when the plot turns into the glamor of Dangerous Minds and the happiness
of a TV After School Special. Ironically, the film features almost zero education.

But Freedom Writers also argues for listening to teenagers.

For instance, take the large-scale persecution of Jews. But through the
movie there was true tension between Mrs. One of the characteristic Eva, her
father was in prison because of faithfulness to the gang, and she had to
testify in court on a case. Her lesson plans fail.

If Erin Gruwell
Married to Scott Teacher of Room 203 Energetic Eva Benitez  Father was arrested in front of her eyes when
she was 5 she see’s a guy get shot in front of her eyes while waiting to go to
her her first day of school. Most Resistance to Erin Testifies against her own
at court 3rd generation gang member Miss Campbell

Opposes Erin’s teaching tactics Thinks the kids in room 203 can’t be
trusted. Thinks room 203 kids are lost causes Jamal Thinks school is a waste of
time Outspoken Is the target of the racist picture Cindy Boyfriend gets shot by
Eva’s gang From Cambodia Ben Only white kid in class Afraid of everyone else in
room 203 Scott Casey (Erin’s husband) Married to Erin Not supportive of Erin’s
endeavours to help room 203 Gets a divorce because it is not what he wanted his
life to be like Scott Gruwell (Erin’s father) Two years following the 1992 Los
Angeles Riots, Erinn Gruwell decides to leave her hometown of Newport Beach to
go teach in Long Beach, California at Woodrow Wilson High School. Gruwell
arrives with the expectation that her students are high-achieving and is rudely
awakened by the reality that nowis considered “at-risk”. Erin is faced by
diversity in her class now handling the varied racial group from diverse
backgrounds is a greatest test for her. Erin’s students include Asians, African
Americans, juvenile delinquents and even the poor students hopeful to make it
through the day. Erin’s pupils completely refuse to contribute in her class but
she tries her best to involve them every day by using a variety of techniques.

Things start to turn worse in Erin’s class as a racially involuntary gang shoot
witnessed by a Latina gang member. Erin comes across an horrible racial cartoon
during her class. That cartoon becomes the most active teaching aids for Erin
and they spark a transformation in the classroom. Forcing students to listen to
her and at the same time also forcing her to take in her students survival
stories of their silent street wars. Erin started to connect with her students
and motivated them to to change their lives through journal writing.

Erin introduces “The Diary of Anne Frank” as a way to open the eyes of
her students, to look beyond their own communities and have the knowledge of
people suffering and struggling throughout the world. Erin knew that every one
of her students has some story of their own to tell. So she motivates them to
keep a journal to write their experiences and thoughts to share with the class
for better understanding of each other. Erin succeeds in her attempt to manage
diversity and her students learned a lot. Gruwell is praised in the end for
preparing so many kids for graduation and college, which is a first for many of
the kids within their families. “No matter what race we are, what ethnic
background, sexual orientation, or what views we may have, we are all human.

Unfortunately, not all humans see it that way.” ? Erin Gruwell, The
Freedom Writers Diary This quotation would think me in the way that we are all
special whatever race we are and ethnic we have we are still the same as human.

This quotation emphasizes that Gruwell motivate her students to strive hard in
times of diversity that we all face everyday. This movie inspires me that being
a teacher its not just about the salary that you will have but its also about
sharing knowledge to them and give them time to be as a leaders of the future
generation. Though Gruwell faces a lot of circumstances in the times that her
principal opposes her teaching strategies and criticize by her co-workers.

Still she continues to teach despite of the bad ambiance of her environment.

She wants to fight for the right of the students especially to learn ad to give
attention to the society. One of her students says to it Everybody thinks to be
happy just because you’re young. They dont see the wars that we fight every
single day. Erin Gruwell became fiercely determined. She tapped into her
creativity and passion to find a way to break through to these students. And in
the end, she succeeded in helping them overcome the prejudice and violence that
had pervaded their lives.