The alone. Joe and Mary L. are discussing

purpose of this paper is to implement how various lighting aspects work in play
The Time of Your Life.   The
Time of Your Life was written in
1983.  It was set on 26 November
2008.  The story that takes place in San
Francisco.  It is the play of the time
that is afternoon and night of a day in October 1939.  The main theme of this play is to look for
goodness everywhere, bring out of its hiding place, and let it free when
goodness found.

play begins with Joe buying newsboy’s all papers. Joe offers a glass of
champagne while Kitty Duval walks in. Wesley plays the piano, Harry dance, Joe
refuses to dance and Kitty dance alone. Joe and Mary L. are discussing their
names and Joe’s background. They flirt each other, Mary leaves the bar and Joe
becomes depressed. Kitty is crying in the hotel and tom rushes into the bar.
Joe tells Tom to give them to Kitty, so she stops crying and Tom leaves. Toys
made Kitty cry harder, so Tom and Joe leave the bar to see her.  Tom and Joe enter at the New York Hotel where
Kitty is crying. Young sailor enters and try to insist Kitty to buy services,
but see Joe and Tom. Joe, Tom and Kitty plan to go to Half Moon Bay and have a
meal. Nick tends the bar, Tom dreams about Kitty and Joe studies map of Europe
in the evening. Kit Carson teaches Joe to load the gun, but he shows his
revolver to Kit. Joe help tom to get the job of a truck drive and Tom leaves for
a job. At the last all seem happy because they hear news that Blick has been
shot dead. Joe leaves and everyone waves when a patriotic song plays and the
pinball wave its flags.

In the
modern society, play like The Time of
Your Life is intentionally made to educate and gives different
thoughts.  Regularly, play contain
different elements of design, script, music and or dance.  One of the critical design element is
lighting that works in coexistence with the performers and the ideas of theater
director.  The physical parts of the
lighting work with staff, plan, scenic components, and theatrical space.

principal capacity of theater lighting is to enlighten the stage to amplify
clarity of the performer by audience.  It
would be wastes of time for lighting designer, if audience cannot see the
performer.  Clarity influences capacity
to consider spoken speech.  Lighting also
create mood that allowed audience to react on appropriate emotion.  Use of bright red light over the stage
conveys an unsafe tone.    The main idea
of lighting clue is to flags a movement to happen onstage.  It is also helpful to denotes a noteworthy
point in the play.  Lighting can bring
attention or pull attention away from something subsequently setting up area
and time. As an example, to indicates an afternoon day we use light blues.  To demonstrates evening, we use dark blue and

It is
hard to make indication of something, if intensity, color, pattern and focus is
not cooperating carefully.  So, light is
at the center of the performer’s environment. The important of light in the
theater is to enlighten the performers by making them visible to the audience
in all area of the stage. Each scene cannot be light same way because it
requires diverse lighting strategies that can help to enhance the sentiments
and messages of the play.

The following way I would use lighting to
enhance the three different scenes in the play The Time of Your Life.  Scene one is at the New York Hotel.  An actor walks into the stage from downstage
left carrying a large toy carousel. The set behind them have colorful painting
and the sound of different people indicting the hotel.  There is just one problem that audience might
not notice that there are people in the stage due to strong painting.  So, to make sure that audience recognize
people are there and it the hotel scene, there need to be some indication of
colors which remind it is hotel. Using the light source behind the performers
does not enlighten the face but helps to separate the action from the colorful
painting behind them.  It also helps to
create the haze and highlight the head and shoulders.  To select the areas, the casting the shadow
of the performer is helpful.  It is
helpful because it creates the movement using the follow spot.  Using the strong or high intensity colors
allows audiences to follow the movement of performers because light does not
appear on the performers face.

Using the red and navy blue will shift
hotel atmosphere from warm happiness to cool sadness.  It will change because when actors enter at
the hotel, they see kitty crying. So, red represent the happiness that actors
are going to see the kitty but navy blue represent the sadness that they see
Kitty is crying.  Follow spot area is lit
with warm tone light and area where Kitty is sitting on bed is lit with cool
tone light.  The dimmers of the control
board can be utilized to accomplish an entire arrangement of choices from an
extraordinary of the warm shading alone and to the other extreme of cool color
alone.  A gray and white colors appear to
the fundamental around the table and bed.  In
this scene, the lighting is relying upon to make some rationale as far as
reasonable lighting for hotel room. The main attention this scene will be to
focus attention at the bed, the door of hotel room.  The door is extremely important to this scene
because performers appear from it. But for long time on the bed, it is valuable
to focus on that bed and loose exterior area such as door.

Scene two is at the Nick Pacific Street
Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Place. 
Wesley is at piano. Harry is on the stage dancing.  Kit Garson is asleep on his folded arms. The
Drunkard comes and goes to the telephone. Nick comes to take Drunkard but Nick
gets behind the bar to serve whisky to Drunkard. This scene will be light with
yellow. Yellow will make the bar environment warmth, confidence and
cheerfulness.  Yellow will give more
energy.  In this scene, a light from
behind is helpful.  It will allow to
venture a performer shadow that appear over the performer when he moves towards
and far away from the lighting source. 
The effect of the face is not natural when it is only the lighting angle for performer moving behind the
bar. While a little light from underneath will reflect light, and help to soften
the harshness of the light from above.

this scene, light from behind play important role on visibility, modeling,
selectivity and shadows. Light from behind will help to show that they are in
bar and help to identify what they are doing. 
First, I will light the performer for visibility and second, I will
light for mood and atmosphere.  In this
scene, mood might overpower visibility. 
So, general lighting will comprise of strong color yellow and moving
effects like gobo to represent that performer is dancing at the bar.  By utilizing the follow-spot and automated
lighting fixture, I can control and cut through the mood lighting.  It will help to lighting properly to
performers, anywhere they are on the stage. Such as lighting on right side
where Wesley is at piano. Lighting on the middle where Harry is dancing.  Lighting on left side where Kit Garson is
sleeping and lighting behind where Drunkard and Nick are moving. 

three they are in Nick’s place at evening. 
A Society Gentleman and his wife enter in bas wearing evening clothes.
Will is at the marble game and nick is behind the bar.  Joe is looking the book of the map at the
table.  Tom is dreaming of love with
Kitty and leaning against the bar.  Arab,
Wesley and Harry are gone. Kit Carson is watching Willie. Orange and red will
be the colors of this scene.  Orange and
red are color that make the illusion that people are in the bar at evening.

Warm lights make evening as natural.  Warm light will help to relax and indicted it
is evening. Warmer colors like orange and red will echo the scene as evening
because of the color of the fireplace that is in backstage left side.  Warm lights coming through down stage right
and left will be comforting and help performer into wakefulness. Evening is the
reason, I will make the impact of warmth and comfort through lighting in the
orange and red that are warm range colors.  Using
thee incandescent lighting and a natural fireplace to create warmer and evening
atmosphere lighting.  Warm light is
proper for cozy living space in the bar, where Tom is relaxing and be
comfortable by leaning against the bar. If I use cooler lighting, I must focus
different area a lot and cannot make evening environment as natural.  So, warm light look better with warm color is
represent the bar and evening time. 

light is the absolute most essential edge of the light on this scene.  Front light enables viewers to clearly
observe the performer and their physical communication. So, it is extremely
vital to the scene. Front light might wash out face and overpower background
and lighting effect.  But using other
sidelight is helpful and does not overpower the background. As the edge bring
down, sidelight will have undeniable modeling impact on the performers face and
body.  This is especially critical on
backstage where Tom is leaning against the bar and Nick is behind bar. Lighting
will passage over entire stage because light will be horizontal.  It is conceivable to lose shadows by focusing
the floor and light will be apparent what performer stand in it.

lighting is an amazing piece of the play, because the capacity of sensitively
and precisely controlling light has driven the immergence of theater lighting
as a more imperative component in play. By doing this, I feel like lighting
design includes the way toward changing the mental pictures and placing them
into practice.  While designing The Time
of Your Life performers visibly lighting is given by spots in a natural
color.  By designing the light of three
different scenes it helps to learn and recall what we have learn so far in