The an excellent source of dietary fibre, which

The first aspect of Karl’s life I’m going
to analyze is his diet. Karl’s diet is currently very poor due to numerous
reasons. From the lifestyle summary I have learnt that for lunch he typically
has a sandwich with some crisps and a coke and for dinner either a microwave
meal or 2-3 times a week he goes out with his colleagues for a curry and 1-2
pints. In addition, he consumes 5 cups of coffee a day and on weekends he tends
to have more alcohol and also smoke after a few drinks. This is a poor diet as
Karl is failing to consume 5 vitamins and minerals a day and most likely
significantly less than that. Its important that he consumes his 5 a day, as Fruit and vegetables
are a great source of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, vitamin C and
potassium. Also, they’re an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help
to maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion related
problems. By not consuming his 5 a day, Karl isn’t providing his body with the
required amount of vitamins and minerals that his body needs to remain healthy
and function properly.  Also he is making
his body more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases, such as Coronary Heart
Disease, cataracts, flu’s and stomach cancer. Furthermore, his diet is filled
with unhealthy calories in large amounts that he doesn’t burn off due to a lack
of exercise. This will result in an increase in his cholesterol levels, which
will increase the stress on his heart. Furthermore, drinking 5 cups of coffee a
day is extremely dangerous in regards to Karl’s health as it comes with
multiple side effects. For example insomnia, increased anxiety, increased blood
pressure and heart palpitations. Furthermore, by consuming this large amount of
coffee, Karl has made his body become dependant on caffeine to provide him with
energy, which will have negative effects on his productivity levels. To improve
Karl’s diet, I would first begin by decreasing the amount of coffee that Karl
consumes and aiming to have 3 well balanced meals a day. If he is suffering from
a lack of free time then they can be pre-cooked. This would be beneficial as by
consuming the correct amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins
and minerals, he will be able to give his body a more healthier source of
energy and therefore will not require caffeine. Karl should aim to not consume
more than 2-3 coffees a day and should look to replace coffee with water, as it
is recommended by the government that we should consume 2 litres a day as it
increases our energy and boosts our immune system. Karl can consume his 5 a day
through adding vitamins and minerals into his 3 meals a day and also snacks. As
a result, Karl’s body will be under less stress, as he will be providing it
with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to keep the organs healthy.

The next lifestyle factor that I analysed was Karl’s physical activity
levels. Through reading his lifestyle summary it is clear that he doesn’t meet
the government recommended amount of exercise on a weekly basis, which is 150
minutes of aerobic exercise. Karl blames his lack of exercise on a lack of free
time and sometimes plays for a Sunday league team but doesn’t every week as he
gets out of breath quickly and suffers from muscle ache and tiredness the next
day. Also he travels to and from work each day via the train and tubes, which
requires no physical exercise. A lack of exercise isn’t healthy and can cause
your bones to weaken, your organs to malfunction and the gaining of weight. In
order to for Karl to improve his physical activity levels I would recommend
that he finds ways to implement more exercise into his daily routines. For
instance, Karl states that he spends most of his Saturday sleeping. Instead of
this Karl could go to the gym or go for a run or cycle, this would be very
beneficial for his physical health. In addition, Karl could bring his bike on
the train with him and cycle to and from work instead of getting the tube
everyday, not only would this save him money as he wont have to pay for the
tube, but it will also provide him with daily exercise. This will improve his
cardiovascular fitness, which is beneficial as it will reduce his blood
pressure, bodyweight and replace bad cholesterol with good cholesterol. It will
also lower his chances of suffering from Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.
Lastly, an increase in exercise during the week will allow Karl to play
football every Sunday, as he will be able to play at a higher intensity for
longer and also not suffer from the same severity of tiredness and muscle
aching that he had been previously.

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Sleep and stress are the next lifestyle factors that I will be analysing
from Karl’s lifestyle. From his lifestyle summary, I have learnt that Karl is
required to wake up early every Monday to Friday. Karl states that he commonly
falls asleep in front of the television and is unable to sleep if he has lots
of meetings the next day, which most likely is related to stress. The
government recommend a minimum of 7 hours per night of sleep for an adult and
from this summary, it is not clear to me that he is getting that. This is
supported by the fact that he spends most of his Saturdays sleeping which could
be his way of catching up on hours of sleep that he hasn’t been getting
throughout the week. A deficiency in sleep on a regular basis can be very
harmful to our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Some examples of effects
it can have on us are an increased risk of
suffering from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease,
strokes, poor mental health, and early death. A solution to improving Karl’s
sleeping cycle would be by reducing the levels of stress that he suffered from
on a regular basis as this is leaving his sleep deficient and therefore ruining
his sleeping pattern, forcing to fall asleep after eating dinner in front of
the television and also sleeping for prolonged periods of time on the weekends.
Some stress relieving methods that Karl could use are meditation and working
out. Meditation is turning your
attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment. It
can be done in any quiet location by watching a YouTube video or simply
searching the Internet for a step-by-step tutorial. It not only decreases the
level of stress people suffer from, but also promotes a positive attitude and
helps you gain clarity and peace of mind. I would therefore suggest Karl takes
anywhere from 10-30 minutes before he sleeps to meditate as this will clear his
mind from any stress and allow him to get a frequent good nights sleep. On the
other hand, as a result of exercising your brain produces endorphins, this is a
‘feel good’ neurotransmitter that has a direct effect against stress and
increases your happiness and peace of mind.

Furthermore, the last two factors I’ve analysed from Karl’s lifestyle is
his alcohol consumption and smoking. Karl’s states that he consumes 1-2 pints
around 3 times a week and only smokes on the weekend after a few drinks. At
this current point in time, Karl is consuming over 1200 calories from 6 beers
weekly and as he isn’t exercising frequently this can cause an increase in
bodyweight. Also, alcohol damages the liver and long-term effects include an
increased chance of liver failure and cancer. A solution that would allow Karl
to reduce his alcohol intake would be to only have 1 or 2 pints once a week and
instead order soft drinks, this way he will still remain sociable but reduce
the damage that is being done to his body. Smoking has numerous negative
effects on the body such as damage to the lungs and cardiovascular system and I
highly recommend to avoid it entirely. A solution to this would be to invest in
an e-cigarette or nicotine patches, as these will reduce the urge of wanting to
smoke and therefore allow Karl to live a healthier life style.

In conclusion, I have stated the lifestyle
factors that Karl needs to improve and why he needs to improve them and have
given him realistic solutions on how he can do so. I hope Karl takes it upon
himself to make the necessary changes and live a healthier balanced lifestyle.