The and an arrangement of systems and requires

The aviation empire is one of the most exposed to danger and
risks, however aircrafts are the safest way of transportation. Indeed safety
management systems have been introduced to make that aviation industry as safe
as possible. To be exact and guidance system how to manage safety related
issues with in aviation industry.

The purpose of this report is to provide a user friendly guidance
on the application of Safety Management Systems within the new airline
organization. This work has been created to give simple understanding of Safety
management system concepts and to implement and maintain the management rules
and regulation within the organization for a successful SMS operation. Not only
for small airline organization the SMS framework applies to approved maintenance
and training organizations, air navigation service providers and air operator
certificate holders so these organization can ensure a safe operation.

 SMS is a proactive and coordinated way to deal with overseeing security
including the important authoritative structures, accountabilities, strategies
and methods. It is more than a manual and an arrangement of systems and
requires security administration to be coordinated into the everyday exercises
of the association. It requires the advancement of an authoritative culture
that mirrors the wellbeing approach and destinations.

 At the center of the SMS is a formal hazard
administration process that distinguishes dangers and evaluates and mitigates
chance. It is imperative to perceive that even with alleviations set up, some
leftover hazard will remain and a successful SMS will empower associations to
deal with this. Dangers produced by contracted exercises and other outsiders
ought to likewise be considered. In this way, when the association has a formal
concurrence with another association this ought to incorporate arrangements for
the administration of security. This ought to likewise incorporate detailing
methods for security related issues.

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a) Safety
policy and objectives; b) Safety risk management; c) Safety assurance; d)
Safety promotion, these are the key aspects of safety management system these
key points will be discussed below so that the new organization can set up a
line maintenance accordingly to SMS polices and process.




The security strategy and goals can be divided into five

1.      Administration duty and obligation

2.     Wellbeing accountabilities

3.     Appointment  of key security personal

4.     Coordination of crisis reaction


Sets up senior administration’s
commitment to consistently enhance security; characterizes the techniques,
forms, and hierarchical structure expected to meet wellbeing objectives

management commitment to safety performance through SMS

Establishes clear
safety objectives and commitment to manage to those objectives

Defines methods,
processes, and organizational structure needed to meet safety goals

transparency in management of safety

Fully documented
policy and processes

Employee reporting
and resolution system

Accountability of
management and employees

Builds upon the
processes and procedures that already exist

cross-organizational communication and cooperation                                            

According to CAP 795 the chapter three gives us a guidance to
set up a safety scheme including policies and procedures, appointment of key
personal and their relevant responsibility to ensure  safety within the organization.