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?The battle of Kursk begins on July 5, 1943, when the Germans engaged in a battle with Soviet forces, and with the Soviet line at Kursk extending into enemy territory, Germans were  attempted to attack from different directions to break the Soviet offensive from advancing. Given enough time to reposition their defenses, the Soviets held off the offensive attack before launching a counterattack, and reclaiming the German occupied cities of Orel and Kharkov. Meanwhile, Germany and its allies had to encounter the Anglo- American or Allied invasion of Sicily and the threat of the Italian Empires collapse which would pose a greater threat to Nazi Germany.

Hitler instead called off all of the current operations at Kursk, its failure for shifting the tide of the war onto the Eastern Front to the Soviets. The Allied invasion of Sicily, under the code name Operation Husky, began in July 9, 1943. The Italian Campaign starting with this invasion would successfully drive German and Italian troops out within several weeks. A mass Allied air invasion followed by land attacks  (British and American forces) are able to push the Axis powers (Germany and Italy and their allies) back and help the Soviet Union and their other allies fight back German forces in western Europe. With the rest of the troops retreating from North Africa to mainland Italy  And then on September 3, 1943, following the successful invasion of Sicily, the Allied invasion of Italy began as Allied troops began advancing toward Italy and making landings on mainland Italy.

 On the day of the landing, the Italian government had secretly agreed to the Allies’ terms for surrender, but wasn’t announced to the public until September 8, 1943. Benito Mussolini had the thought of building Fascist Italy into a new Roman Empire and continue on with world domination with its allies, however, as a list of defeats made it hard for him to expand and build up his empire. and by the spring of 1943, there were many opposition groups forming in Italy and were uniting to try and overthrow the Italian Dictator, Benito Mussolini, and make peace with the Allies, however, due to the vast majority of Italy being mostly populated by German troops, it was hard to overcome the Axis forces in Italy and make peace with the Allies.