The and seventies we had ugly bookcases crammed

The shelf
has made a comeback for a few years now, and in a big way.  While growing up in the sixties and seventies
we had ugly bookcases crammed full of books and shelves full of objects
collected along the way.

Now they
are back presented in a much more stylish fashion.  The shelves themselves have funky shapes and
amazing designs some covering a whole wall. They now show the owners lifestyle
and demonstrate their styling skills which are then posted on Instagram for all
to see.

interior designer Emilio Pimentel-Reid says, “A great shelfie is an alternative
self portrait and can be much more nuanced and reflective of your taste,
interests and personality”. This is true you can often see a person’s lifestyle
and character from what is on show.

 I am a shelf addict. I am constantly changing objects
around and changing my colour schemes with the seasons. With maximalism taking
over from minimalism this is even better for me and I don’t feel guilty adding
more to my collection, much to the annoyance of my husband.

have become an art form where items are telling a story of that person’s life.
They have invested in shelving units with many posting their displays on social
media # Shelfie. Items have been strategically placed, vases grouped in three,
no clutter and books lined up neatly. This year books are being reversed to
give a new edge.

Instagram there are thousands of images showing people’s lifestyles from
botanical displays to jars of dried food, herbs and spices.

In some
kitchens minimalism has gone with wall cabinets disappearing and being replaced
with shelves with your best china on show.

shelving is a great way of bringing a new dimension to any space.  It certainly gives a room character making it
a feature wall. I also think the room looks more lived in rather than some
looking like a show home.

You don’t
always need to spend a lot of money filling your shelves. Look around your house.
Choose a colour scheme and group things together add a plant and a couple of
books and you have a display. It’s very therapeutic and fun to do.

Instead of
keeping all your collections in a cupboard, which I have done in the past, we
can at last put our treasured possessions on display and feel proud of
them.  Some of my friends think my house
look cluttered and prefer the minimal look but I have a lot of precious items
inherited along the way, and of interest, that I want to show off.