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The religion of Hinduism started off as early as 2300 – 1500 B.C from culture and religious changes throughout India. However there was no specific way Hinduism started. In this religion, today, the people call themselves ¨Hindus¨. The Hindus don’t believe in just a single God, but they do believe in the first God who was Brahma, in a trimurti which has 3 specific Gods. The other two Gods being Vishnu and SHiva. These three Gods are responsible for creation, keeping anything and everything in good condition, and damage of the world. Brahma is always confused with the God ¨Brahman¨ who is supreme and in charge of everything. As of today, there was never a single founder in the religion of HInduism. As well as no single writing, how Christians believe in the bible, but there is something known as ¨Vedas¨ which are the most known and most ancient scriptures in Hinduism. There are 4 parts to a Veda and are arranged in chronological order, The Samhitas, the most ancient and is to praise God, next is The Brahmanas, which is filled with prayers and rituals that guide the priest, then The Aranyakas, concern meditation and worship, and finally The Upanishads, is filled with religious mysticism and ancient teachings of Hinduism. There is also really no ¨right¨ or ¨correct¨ way of teaching. Hinduism is known to be the world’s oldest religion. Some of the things Hindus believe in are things like karma, the soul can be reborn but in a different body (reincarnation), all life is connected with God (scared), no religion is better than any other because they all lead to ¨God’s Light¨, and that the universe can experience endless cycles of creation. There are 4 main classifications which are: Shaivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism, and Smartism. Shaivism is the worship of Shiva, Shaktism is is the worship of feminine power, Vaishnavism is the worship of Vishnu, and Smartism is the worship of more than one God. In 1947, the British attempted to bring all widespread area religions in India into a whole, which is now Hinduism being known as a major religion across India and Nepal.