The and so the innovative idea should be

The innovation this joint venture should go through is
Open innovation because SWR will not only be relying on their own internal
knowledge and sources but use Citymapper to drive this innovation process.

However due to the risk of not having control over external resources it may
alter the purpose of innovation.

Therefore, if SWR were to mix processes of innovations
together it will allow them to have a less chance of risk.


The motivation for the innovation comes from SWR needing
to update their product and service offering. Commuters and everyday train
users will be benefiting from these as it will allow them to have a better
experience on the service. Therefore, a partnership with Citymapper will allow
them to provide the opportunity for its users to board the train depending on
volume of carriage.

This current market is ready for an innovative idea like
this, because overcrowding on certain carriages are becoming a real problem. If
this idea was to pivot then what is the mind-set of its customers after the
original innovation- what went wrong, how could it be improved and positioned.

Who will the new target be and what are their needs. Thus, following this
process will allow the operations to always be competing in the market by
providing new and advanced technological changes or ideas these will be on
medium term (1-3 years). This shows aspects of Lean innovation as you are not
starting a new idea without the help of the previous feedback. This shows our
customers that they are valued and engaged with and so the innovative idea
should be trusted (Please see model below).


We intend to commercialise our on-board sensors, by
forming an industry alliance of top transportation companies who will split the
development costs during a field test period. We will then use those companies
as reference accounts as we introduce the proven product through logistics

In order to
prove on the application what we’ve proven in the innovation idea, we are
joining leading transportation and logistics companies into an industry
alliance to test the product. Citymapper will provide routes, prices and
availability of space on carriages. allowing us to measure the rate of people
using the SWR in the trial period. This will
allow us to leverage the database product with established third-party logistics
providers who already have established relationships with transportation
companies. We are seeking wherever possible to minimise dilution by
leveraging government funding as it will be used to finish prototypes and fund
sales call activities with customers. This investment shares many of the
qualities of a venture capital investment: We are introducing new proprietary technology with significant added