The assist individual make mindful choices about the

three different professionals that will be support Ben are:


Speech and language therapist: speech and language therapists
help individuals who have problems in speaking and communicating, eating,
drinking and swallowing. They support people with different types of speech and
language complications, this include, language
delay, voice disorders, stammering, language condition and a anxiety
condition that stops an individual, mostly a child form communicating in some
social situations ( this is known as mutism).
These complications can be effected by several conditions, such as, stroke,
head injury, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, throat cancer, learning
difficulties, mental health problems, hearing impairment or various physical
disabilities. Speech and language therapists usually work in hospital, schools
and community health centres; however, they sometime visit their patients in
their home.

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Social worker: social work involves a large area
of work and a lot of specialism. A social worker helps individuals and their
families during complicated situations, and in making their recent lifestyle
better. They assist individual to live independently. The type of people social
worker care for are, elderly people,
children and adults with physical and
learning disabilities, young
offenders, people with mental
health problems, people with
addiction problems, refugees
and asylum seeks, foster
carers, adopters and families
who might be breaking up. Sometimes social workers might work in a hospital, local authority setting, young offenders units, special
clinics and prisons. They can also visit individuals in their homes.
Social workers are mainly part of a multidisciplinary team who are working with
several other professions, for example, doctors, nurses and police officers, to
help their patient.


Dietician:  for individuals that are dietician they will
need change scientific advice about the nutrition into a realistic guidance to
assist individual make mindful choices about the food they eat. Individual will
be assessed, diagnose and treat conditions associated with diet and to increase
understanding of the relation with the food and health to put a stop to future


The three different professionals
that will be support Rebecca are:


Physiotherapist: this profession support people
who have physical difficulty because of an illness,
ageing, getting injured at work or while playing sport, having
a stroke and being in an accident.
Physiotherapists make treatment schedule for manual therapy,
therapeutic exercise or ultrasound, to make sure their patient movement and
functioning gets better as well as their specific health and welling. However,
physiotherapist may also use other techniques to help their patient, for
example, a treatment called hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy are types of
exercises that are used in water, but the most common treatment is called


usually work in hospital or specialist rehabilitation settings, but they can
pay people a visit in their home.


Occupational therapist: occupational therapist (OTs)
assists people with their daily duties. Individuals may need support with daily
duties. Individuals that were born with a condition, like cerebral palsy, or
have a disability, for example, a limitation or they have had a stroke which
has caused them to have a paralysis and they may be recovering from a sickness
or injury. Occupation therapist counsel their patient on how to do tasks, which
they will need to use helpful equipment or assistive
technology , or supporting them to find a way to complete current task.
Occupational therapists are like other profession they may work in different
settings. The settings they mainly work in are, hospital, patient
home, GP practice, individual place of work and educational environment.


Special needs teachers: special educational needs teacher
(SENs) concentrate on supporting children with particular needs like physical difficulties, sensory impairments, speech and
language difficulties, learning difficulties, or other various physical, social
or emotional needs. The teacher in charge of the SEN is called the SENCO. In an
educational environment, SEN and SENCO are supported by teacher assistants (TA)
that take of the child’s physical needs and give extra support to students, for
example. They will need to make sure they understand information and they will
need to provide comfort and encouragement when they can see the child angry or


that have learning disability may have more than one condition, for example,
auditory and visual injury; due to this they will have difficulty
communicating. Children with more than one learning disability have special
learning method that will help meet their educational needs, however, the SENs
main responsibility is to recognise and meets the child needs. SENs form a
secure, motivating and helpful learning setting that make a programme for each student
so that they can reach their maximum potential.


personal care the Ben and Rebecca needs are going to be different for them both
as they both have different condition, because Ben needs more help with his
daily living, while Rebecca need more help with her physical needs.