The away The sun is coming back to

 The day he went away, the day he goes far awayThose days spent together, will he rememberI can sit here all day and miss him till nightNear me, nobody but his images and smiles The day he went away, the day I lost my waySoft kiss left but soft missing staysRise to the top of heart, beating till dieAnd he is now in somebody else’s eyes The day he went away, he brings with him the sunBrightening my world and changing my own selfDestroying my shelter and entering my dark worldBring me to paradise but now he went away The day he went away, I have more to saySay how He stole my heart and my breathSay going together and holding hands till the end of lifeSay how much I love him but he still went away The sun is coming back to sleepAnd wind stops her wonderful songI wonder if my soul is still aroundLetting me know I am not gone away