The be an emotional living human while everyone

The Great Gatsby is glorifying the smaller parts of how society is, and it may not be accurate, but it is prevalent. It talks about obscene house parties in Long Island. Romantic and irrational love along with macabre humor are apparent themes. It all begins with a young cohort man, Gatsby, who seemingly knows everyone but nobody knows him, which is mysterious but ignored by the public because of his parties and wealth. Fitzgerald quickly kills Gatsby by the ninth chapter. The other characters in the book are portrayed in a hostile manner making women out to be cheaters and have masculine stereotypes and then killed off as well leaving Gatsby’s mansion alone and idle.

Which relates to the superficial characteristics of the characters in the story. This story is troubled, but well rounded, because it only makes Gatsby out to be an emotional living human while everyone else is following the suit of society. This book is beauty because it shows how far Fitzgerald has come as a writer since he started out with tattered stories. He was able to write about society, but none the less, make his characters alive. Because of his past criticisms with his writing being too dense, he took everything into account and turned this piece into something resplendent. It’s clear that Fitzgerald had aspirations for this production looking at his fluid sentences with vivid desires. This story will make everyone, including myself, look at Fitzgerald in a dignified appearance.

This story is pure talent! He is unlike any other writers’ the past years! His growth is what will make his words valuable one day in the future. His books such as The Diamond as Big as the Ritz are ignorant in detail compared to The Great Gatsby as I would say. Composing this work probably took much time and effort; thinking something was wrong, leaving something out, throwing pages of attempts away, lots of trials. Fitzgerald challenges himself and showing tones of America that haven’t been shown before.