The because from the movie, we have seen

The episode that I have chosen is actually
episode 5 season 8 in this case we are getting that a mother from Milwaukee,
Oregon, has a sleek dress line for minimal ones; an 18-year-old from Canton, New York, trust the Sharks can help spread his maple syrup items on tables crosswise over America; a lady from
Houston, Texas, dangers everything for her multi-utilize kitchen adornment; and
a young fellow from Milwaukee, Oregon, makes another sort of labels for canine
darlings. A18-year-old-year-old business visionary seeking after his
enthusiasm of changing the way individuals eat genuine maple (Smith &
Viceisza, 2017).

            From the movie we have realized that
each entrepreneur is trying to make their commodities to be known by the public
because from the movie, we have seen that
they are both trying to convince people on how best their commodities are in
the market. We have seen this mother who is trying to persuade the people who
are 18 years old to actually try her stylish clothing line which looks perhaps
attractive. We have also seen the kitchenware
being talked about in this case this person is trying to convince people that
the type of kitchen materials that he gives out seems to be the best. On the
other hand, we are also finding 18 years old trying to convince people on the best
way to eat maple. All these are business people who are out to ensure that they
sell their products to the public by advertising the product to the public because
they need to win the trust of the people (Ward, 2015).

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Another thing that is presented here is
actually the pet tags which are made by the sillingDog. They say present their
commodities in a nice way convincing that their pet tags do not fade and even
they don’t turn dark (Smith & Viceisza, 2017).

The deal each presenter had here is actually to target
particular group who can buy their commodities. For instance, the person who is selling the kitchen materials had a
deal of getting the clients who are mothers in this case. The sillingDog which sells the pet tags is also
targeting the people who usually carry pets’ tags to hold things like keys. For
me, each and everyone had a deal of reaching the clients. This made each and
everyone to access their respective clients when they are selling their
commodities through advisement which reaches to each and everyone.


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