The Demand of product Competition in market Q3.

The formative
component will consist of short answer and multiple-choice questions and fill
in the blanks. You are required to respond to ALL questions and areas.


note: IT team means any generic type. 
Could be a software development team, infrastructure team or networking
team, etc.

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Short Answer


Q1.      How can a business benefit from having
clear quality performance expectations and benchmark standards?

Answer: The company can measure the best industry
practices, gain new ideas and increase its productivity.  If the company offers quality products, then
the customers will demand the products and trust them. The company will
maintain good position in the marketplace.


Q2.       What
impact does quality have for a business?


Customer satisfaction and trust
Revenue generation
Demand of product
Competition in market


Q3.       How
can an IT team build quality within the business context?


By Expertise in the field

By tracing the problems and mistakes
By Proper testing
By Regular meetings and monitoring


Q4.       What
areas in ICT, can an IT team enforce quality over its systems?


Customer product/service delivery
Betterment in new developments
Business competitors
Monitoring performance



Q5.       Who
within the IT team should be accountable for benchmark standards?


IT team Manager
IT Team


Q6.       What
is a business benchmark standard?

Answer: It is a technique/set of rules that
allows a company to measure its operations and processes against other organizations
in the industry. This helps the company to assess where it stands in the market.


Q7.       How
can a benchmark standard enhance business operations?


identifying better opportunities
understanding customers’ needs effectively
identifying company’s strengths and weakness
setting better goals and performance
understanding competitors


Q8.      What strategic value could the IT team
bring to a business in regards to quality?


Future performance
Better revenue
Continuous improvement
Customer satisfaction


Q9.      How can business standards and IT teams

Answer: Business standards and IT team alignment
can be achieved by the following characteristics:

Organization must know which IT
instrument can transform the business
Communication between customer and
Organization’s business and IT team
must have knowledge about each other
Organization define goals clearly to
both teams
Both should have knowledge of
organization’s profit and loss
Better organization environment





Q10.    How can we allocate document expectations,
standards and quality plans?





Q11.    What are business models? Provide an
explanation of three (3) common models.

Answer: business model helps the organization to
understands its economic

value of their products/services, business and
technology. It determines whether the

business work well in future or not. It helps the
company in raising its revenue and profit.

Types of business model:



A manufacturer makes product by taking raw materials
or integrates parts to make a product. It can sell its products directly to
customers or give their products to other company


A distributer by products from the manufacturer
directly to resale these products to retail outlets or customers


A retailer buys item from a merchant or
distributer, and afterward sells items to public.


Q12.    What are some common traits of business


Right target market: who truly needs
the product or service
Business processes: Determine the
core aspects of business
Key Business resources: Determine
the resources needed for daily purpose
Strong value propositions: Determine
why you are better than competitors


Q13.    What data would be most common within a B2C
business model?

Answer:  The B2C business model emphases on direct
selling and marketing between a business and a consumer through an e-commerce
website. This mostly includes
mall shopping, eating out at restaurants,
pay-per-view and infomercials. 


Q14.    Why should we be cautious of copyright when
it comes to systems development?

Answer: To protect the work from illegal use,
copyrights must buy its copyrights. If you have copy right and someone
infringes it then you can file a case against it.





Q15.    Why should we be cautious of copyright when
it comes to web development?

Answer: With the help of copyrights you will be
able to protect your design and content from illegal use and one can sue for
copyright infringement. If there are no copyrights, then it will be very
difficult to prosecute the infringer.


Q16.    How can the following organisations be
relevant to an ICT based business?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) standards

Australian Standards (AS)


ISO: It is used to improve business
practices and as a requirement to doing business with certain customers.
ICE: This standard provides guiding
principles for directors of organizations on the effective, efficient, and
acceptable use of Information Technology (IT) within their
AS:  acquire ICT validly, ensure that ICT
performs well and ensures acceptable use of IT in all organizations.


Q17.    How
can we align business guidelines to quality standards?

Business rules can align to quality standards so as to have better benchmarks
of execution, wellbeing and administration frameworks. Expert associations will
help in adjusting business to quality guidelines. The business objective should
be measurable and consistent.


Q18.    What is a communications plan? How could we
use it when considering quality standards?

Answer: A communication plan is document which
provides information to stakeholders about what are your objectives and how
will you accomplish those objectives and its timelines. If quality control
communication is done effectively and regularly then it helps the company to
improves its quality.


Q19.    Some people say that intellectual property
and quality management systems are in alignment. How could that be? Explain

Answer: Yes, intellectual property and quality
management systems are in alignment because both defines rules and regulations
about peoples’ intellectual properties.


Q20.    Businesses use a lot of documentation, in
regards to documenting expectations, standards and benchmarks, what document
would we use or implement?

Answer: Quality Management System documentation



Q21.    What
is ISO 9000?

Answer:  ISO 9000 is an international set of
quality management standards that provide a common approach for documenting and
maintaining a quality system. 


Q22.    How could we implement ISO 9000 standards
into a business that does not have one?

Answer: Fourteen steps are involved to implement
ISO 9000 are:

Top management commitment.
Establish implementation team.
Start ISO 9000 awareness programs.
Provide Training.
Conduct initial status survey.
Create a documented implementation
Develop quality management system
Document control
Internal quality audit
Management review
Pre-assessment audit
Certification and registration
Continual Improvement


Q23.    How is a QMS different to the ISO 9000

Answer: QMS consists of several interrelated
parts that allow the organization to manage its quality. These parts include
the organization processes (like sales, engineering, production, etc.), and the
proper caring for of those processes. Whereas ISO 9000 is an international
standard that specifies a minimum set of requirements for an effective QMS.


Q24.    How does a quality plan differ to the
quality system?

Answer: Quality plan is a collection of documents
that includes quality standards, specifications, resources and practices for
product/service. Quality system is set of responsibilities, procedures,
processes and resources for implementing quality management.


Q25.    What is the difference between a policy and

Answer: Policies are general in nature and
simple. polices are the set of company rules that describes where and when these
are applied. It helps the organization in decision making whereas Procedures
describe how policies will be implemented and work in organization.


Q26.    Consider ACBI, who are the stakeholders?


Business partners


Q27.    How can we apply quality concepts to the ICT

Answers: We can apply
quality measures to  


Q28.    What is a business directive?

Q29.    What is a training needs analysis?

Q30.    How does a training needs analysis impact a
quality system?

Q31.    Why should we document out employee’s

Q32.    How can we be sure that we have quality

Q33.    What is the importance of feedback?

Q34.    What should a business do if they keep
getting negative feedback?

Q35.    How can we implement change management
systems into our business?

Q36.    How can the IT team adjust to a properly
implemented change management system?

Q37.    How can we be objective in our corrective

Q38.    What is the difference between McGregor’s
Theory X and Theory Y?

Q39.    How can we implement a monitoring program?

Q40.    How can we implement and enforce quality
performance guidelines?

Q41.    What would it look like to implement quality

Q42.    What is the difference between a business
process and quality focussed business process?

Q43.    How can we encourage quality performance?

Q44.    How could we handle a breakdown of the
quality management system?

Q45.    Why would we want to inform our key
stakeholders of the progress of quality performance?

Q46.    How does a quality management system enhance
continual improvement?

Q47.    What tools can we use to investigate and
identify a problem/issue?

Q48.    What is a root cause analysis? Provide an

Q49.    What are the document requirements for ISO

Q50.    How often should you test website quality assurance?

Q51.    How do you check website quality assurance?

Q52.    Do stakeholders and key decision makers

Q53.    What do the following terms have to do with




Fill in the blanks


ISO 9000
is a set of international standards on quality _______ and quality _________
developed to help companies __________ document the quality system
elements to be implemented to maintain an efficient quality system. They
are ___ specific to any one industry and can be applied to organizations
of any ____.

quality ___________ is a detail of the requirements, specifications, the
various guidelines and characteristics to be able to meet its ________ by
the product in order to meet the purpose of the ____________________________.

quality _standard_ (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on
consistently meeting _______________ and enhancing their _____________. It
is aligned with an organization’s ______________________ (ISO9001:2015).

_________________ is the act of overseeing all __________________ needed
to maintain a desired ___________________. This includes the determination
of a quality ______________, creating and implementing quality _____________
and assurance, and quality __________ and quality ____________.

____________ is a system of maintaining _____________ in manufactured
products by testing a sample of the output against the ________________.

assurance is a combination of three basic types of testing: _____________
testing, __________ testing, and _____________ testing.





Summative Component

Should take no longer than 30 hours)


In completing this activity, you will provide evidence in your skills and
knowledge of how to document expectations, standards and benchmarks in a
quality plan based on business documentation standards.

Job responsibilities are best
documented and outlined in job descriptions. These descriptions are
living documents and include task, duty, and responsibility lists,
qualifications, reporting relationships and titles, and dates of
creation and/or revision.

You are to find the following three (3) job descriptions OR
create from a blank template.

Front-End Developer

We are searching for a talented Web
Developer. You will be responsible for building the ‘client-side’ of our web
applications. You are required to build user interactive web applications for
our customers.
Tasks and Duties:
Create web models or
prototypes that include physical, interface, logical, or data models
Analyse user needs to
determine technical requirements
Develop databases that
support web applications and web sites
Develop Web applications
Build Products Using
HTML/CSS/JS and Other Front-End Technologies
Writing well designed,
testable, efficient code by using best software development practices
Creating website layout/user
interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices
Integrating data from various
back-end services and databases
Create and maintain software

Bachelor degree in
Web development or computer science, or relevant degree.
Minimum two years
of experience in web development

Experience with Photoshop
Proficient with JavaScript /
Write and Maintain Web
Knowledge of SQL and

Network Engineer

We are looking for a Network Engineer who
will be responsible for maintaining and administering our company’s computer
networks. Your primary duties will include maintenance of computer networks,
hardware, software, and other related systems, performing disaster recovery
operations, protecting data, software, and hardware from attacks
Tasks and Duties:

Maintaining and
administering computer networks and related computing environments
including systems software, applications software, hardware, and
disaster recovery operations and data backups when required.
Protecting data,
software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing
network security measures.
diagnosing and resolving hardware, software, and other network and
system problems.
Monitoring network
performance to determine if adjustments need to be made.
computer network access and use.
configuring and testing networking software, computer hardware, and
operating system software.


understanding of network infrastructure and network hardware.
Ability to think
through problems and visualize solutions.
Good analytical
and problem-solving skills

Provide information about
hardware and software
Ability to create accurate
network diagrams and documentation for design and planning network
communication systems.

Bachelor degree in
Web development or IT, or relevant experience.
Knowledge and
experience in networking

Network security experience.

Experience in LAN and


IT Project Manager

Job brief:
We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to manage
organization of key client projects.
Tasks and Duties:
Delivering every project on
time within budget and scope
Background in business
skills, management, budgeting and analysis

internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution
of projects
Ensure that all
projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and
ensuring technical feasibility
Ensure resource
availability and allocation
Develop a
detailed project plan to track progress
Measure project
performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques
Manage the
relationship with the client and all stakeholders
Perform risk
management to minimize project risks
Establish and
maintain relationships with third parties/vendors
Create and
maintain comprehensive project documentation


Great educational
background, preferably in the fields of computer science or
engineering for technical project managers
Proven working
experience as a project administrator in the information technology
Solid technical
background, with understanding or hands-on experience in software
development and web technologies
client-facing and internal communication skills
Excellent written
and verbal communication skills
organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking
Strong working
knowledge of Microsoft Office


The supervisor is responsible for
defining and communicating performance expectations, which can be
defined as the work responsibilities and tasks that an employee is
expected to perform. The performance standards are best described as the
expected result, product, or outcome of the work responsibilities and
tasks that an employee performs.

Your Task:
You are to use the S-M-A-R-T principle in determining the following

Rolling out a great number of desktop
computers within a short time frame with having a short amount of staff.

Deliver one hundred desktop computers in one month by outsourcing twenty
more employees

Delivering an ICT project on time with
adequate budget.

Complete ICT project by December 31,2017  under 20000$ utilizing fifty employees

Installing a network device in a short
time frame.

Installation of wireless network device in working condition within
one hour in IT Department