The describes this type of racism as “door-slamming,”

The time span of the alien discrimination is a sign of the longevity of
discrimination in the United States and in South Africa. In over 20 years in
the film’s timeline, the condition of the aliens remain horrible. A common
misconception is that discrimination ended with the death of the Jim Crow era.
The belief that Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy were progenitors of
the death of racism is exactly the reason racism slips through the cracks
today. Shaila Dewan writes “In each of the study’s 8,000 tests, one white and
one minority tester of the same gender and aged, posing as equally
well-qualified renters or buyers, visited the same housing provider or
agent…the white tester was usually favored.” This subdued racism is detrimental
to hardworking men and women who are just trying to make their own version of
the American Dream a reality. Dewan describes this type of racism as
“door-slamming,” an apt term for having a door slammed both literally and
figuratively on an individual or a family. Another instance of discrimination
in the current societal climate can be found with sentencing for crimes. The
U.S Sentencing Commission indicates that “African-American men serve longer
sentences than white men for the same crime” (King). King further states “the
racial disparity can’t be accounted for by whether an offender has a history of
violence.” The same crime being committed by a black man and a white man will
result in the former receiving a noticeably longer sentence than the latter
regardless of prior history. Considering the United States has one of the
highest incarceration rates in the world, it is not surprising why that happens
given the information from this new article. These studies show that
discrimination is not something that can be changed with policy. It is often
incredibly difficult to identify racism and discrimination—and when
identified—can be easily passed off with excuses.