The discussion regarding location can be traced back

The discussion regarding location can be traced back
to the 1960s, especially in relation to Vernon´s product cycle model and the
role of the US´s foreign direct investment (Cantwell, 2009). With the rise of the eclectic
paradigm, that assumed that companies would not engage in FDI when internal
transactions carried lower costs  (Investopedia, LLC., 2018), the interest in
location decreased, as companies began to focus their attention on issues at a
micro-level (i.e. the internal organisation of the company) instead of at a
macro-level (i.e. international trade and the country´s balance of payments) (Cantwell, 2009) . It was thanks to
John Dunning´s (1988) paper
Eclectic Paradigm of International Production: A Restatement and Some Possible
Extensions that the location discussing reached a major turning
point. Since that moment onwards, a lot of literature has emerged that
approaches the location discussion through different discipline perspectives:
Phycology, through location decision-making (i.e. Buckley, Devinney, & Louviere, 2007) or locational behaviour (i.e. Stam
& Mueller, 2006); Statistics, through location choice, (i.e. Saaty, 2008,
or Li & She, 2010); Geography, through corporate
geography (i.e. Hagström, 1990 or Krugman, 1998); or Management, through
logistics management (i.e. (Stock & Lambert,
amongst others.

Despite the abundance of existing
literature in the international business field, there is hardly any research
that focuses specifically in entertainment businesses, area to which Cirque du
Soleil belongs to. In an attempt to reduce que existing gap that currently
exists in relation to location decision-making applied to the entertainment
sector, this dissertation attempts to do the folowing: first, adapt an existing
framework with regards to the factors that affect location decisions in order
to create a new framework that can be used by other entertainment companies
when selecting a location in which to establish their future show; second, use
this proposed framework and apply the criteria to a specific location selected
by Cirque du Soleil in order to find the reasons why some locations have been
more successful than others. 

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