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The two key factors that make student improve overall learning and happiness are plan ahead and study in group.  In the article, The Harvard Guide to Happiness, Kate Zernike states that students must follow these steps to be successful in College. Harvard has made policy changes based on the study and it’s turns out that can help students improve their experience. For example, the student must meet the faculty and professor will give them advice. But more important, that makes student feel more connected to the institution. If they aren’t sure what their goal is, they can start by discovered the courses that they want to take and their major to explore with professor or counselor. The better you are able to determine your academic goals, the easier it will be to create and education plan that will benefit your major in college.        First, plan ahead help students know what they want to do in the semester and the future. They can prepare their time to study before their exam. It can help students manage their time, avoid panic attacks or all-nighters come to the test or papers. Planning ahead will make the student have benefit when they starting earlier because they will be more focused on what they want to do. And they always have the information that they need and will be confident they’ve done. In my experience, when I first entered to college, I was really relaxed and did not know what I would to do in college. Then everything was messed up and it made me really upset. But after I knew what I needed to do first, I wrote it in a notebook so I could follow it.  So, planning ahead make students set goals and defeat barriers by teaching them to arrange their thoughts, time. It helps students and their organization become assertive in taking risks. That will make they always get a better final result when planning ahead.         Second, study in group help student understand the material and know the way to do their homework. Working together, study in group of students can learn faster than students who were working alone.. For example, some parts in the textbook that seems confusing to students but could be quite clear to another student. In a study group, instead of spending valuable time to get over the hard one, students can learn quickly by asking their question. In my experience, I have a group of friends that we often meet and study together whenever we have time. Study in the group really helped me improve my knowledge a lot. Just like my first year in college, I did not have many friends and that made me a little bit hard for doing homework. So, students can help other students when they have difficulties understanding something that they do understand. This will make students think more about your position, develop student’s critical thinking skills while helping.  Working with students in study group gives them an excellent chance to hone student’s skill.          In conclusion, The Harvard Guide to Happiness helps me to learn more thing to be a successful student in college. It seems likely to be a successful college student is not an easy way to go. Planning ahead and study in group are key factors that many students in college must follow. If student wants to be a success then they have to know how to go through each stage and go through it. The steps to become successful college student have been mentioned on above. Every student must have to try their best to achieve their goal. That was all the main idea in the article and the author want to tell.