The economy .Still Huntington doesn’t reject any statement

research question will be answered from the perspective of theoretical approach,
especially from the analysis of Huntington’s third wave of democratization. The
most  important theory :Modernization and
 additional Economic Preconditions
analysis  are related to each other in
the context  of developing the theory
that  the cause of democratization is
economy .Still Huntington doesn’t reject any statement or theory instead it
approves two major reasons why South Korea became democratic by  implementing social factor(Confucianism) and
External Actor (United States).In other context ,debates and theories with the
example of China are not the same .Since China had a  rapid  and high economic development  ,still the democratization process hasn’t been
established. This example causes modernization theory to be doubted and argued.

South Korea

explanations for South Korea’s democratization are broad  and debatable. Considering the hypothesis of
Huntington explains  the general
structure for South Korea strive  towards
democratization and empowers distinctive occasions occurred in South Korea to
the components of democratization. The argument  finds a portion of   economic components are the primary
motivations to give a catalyst to the democratization for  Huntington’s study 1

argued that “a general relationship exists between the level of financial development
and democratization in which the position of  financial improvement is either important or
adequate to realize democratization.” 2

 This could be demonstrated by the nations in
the third wave of democratization  are generally
innovaters and industrialized in open markets.  However, the GDP development rate in South
Korea in 60-80s was around 8.5-8.9%, which was higher Latin American nations. Latin
American Countries were  in process of
democratization while South Korea not .This explanation caused a huge debate
even that Huntington doesn’t reject the fact that South Korea was in the
process of economic development faster 
than other Latin Countries ,meanwhile the democratization happened later
.The fact that South Korea was able to shift the political regime and economic
system towards democratization gives the insights that the theory of Huntington
in this case even  being late compared to
Latin American’s democratization is  a

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2 Dae-kyu
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