The Epic

What is an epic?
An epic is a long narrative poem that celebrates a hero’s deeds.

Two examples of repeated elements in oral poetry are ?
Stock epithets and kennings.

Stock epithets are ?
Stock epithets are adjectives that point out special traits of particular persons or things.

An example of a stock epithet is the ?
Compound adjective “swift-footed” used to describe Achilles in Iliad.

Kennings are ?
Kennings are poetic synonyms found in Germanic poems.

An example of a kenning is the ?
An example of a Kenning is the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf where “the Almighty’s enemy” and “s in stained demon” are used in place of Grendel’s name.

An epic hero has what qualities?
-being of noble birth or high position; often of great historical or legendary importance-exhibiting character traits, or qualities, that reflect important ideals of society-performing courageous, sometimes superhuman, seeds that reflect the values of the era -performing actions that often determine the fate of a nation or group of people.

Vast in scope; often involves more than one nation.

Complicated by supernatural beings or events and may involve a long and dangerous journey through foreign lands.

Often includes long, formal speeches delivered by the major characters.

Reflects timeless values, such as courage and honor, and encompasses universal ideas, such as good and evil or life and death.

Includes formal diction (the writer’s choice of words and sentence structure) and a serious tone (the expression of the writer’s attitude toward the subject).