The fibrous materials which increases its structural performance.

The Portland cement concrete is a brittle material. It
possess a very low tensile strength, limited ductility and
little resistance to cracking. Internal micro cracks are
present in concrete and its poor tensile strength is due to
propagation of such micro cracks leading to brittle fraction
of concrete. In plain concrete and similar brittle materials,
structural cracks develop even before loading due to drying
shrinkage and other causes. When load is applied the
internal cracks propagate and open up due to stress and
additional cracks are formed. The development of this
cracks is the cause of inelastic deformation in concrete. The
addition of small closely spaced and uniformly dispersed
fibers to concrete can act as a crack arrester and improves
its static and dynamic properties. This is known as fiber
reinforced concrete, which can also be defined as the
concrete containing fibrous materials which increases its
structural performance. It contains short discrete particles
fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented.
The fibers are of same order of magnitude as aggregate
inclusions. Addition of fibers can increase strength and also
reduce plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage by arresting
the propagation of crack. The development of steel
reinforcement has overcome the problem of poor tensile
strength. But it doesn’t completely solve the problem of
micro cracks due to drying and plastic shrinkage owing to
weathering conditions. This let to study on research of
various methods to adopt fibers as reinforcement with
different fibers. Addition of steel reduced the micro cracks
but over a long period, steel gets corroded due to various
actions. This made the need for enlightenment of usage of
various organic and inorganic fibers which are eco friendly
and economic. According to study of natural fibers,
compared to natural inorganic fibers, vegetable fibers
(natural organic) are very much renewable , eco-friendly,
economical and production cost is also very low. Hence
study on vegetable fibers with respect to natural inorganic
fiber is been carried out in this project The mixes for
addition of different proportions of fiber-cement ratio of
natural organic(vegetable) fibers are being compared with
one of the natural inorganic fibers in concrete with respect
to plain concrete for their properties.