The film “Election”

In class we are studying the film “Election” it has been described as a Dark High School Comedy. The story at the beginning is of two very different lifestyles a pupil and a teacher. The two lifestyles are contrasted as you get a look as too what life is like in the teacher Mr McAlister’s like i.e. Messy, Unorganised, where as the pupil Tracy Flik is Neat, Tidy.

The story develops with Tracy running for election too be pupil president. She gets involved with another teacher but is soon found out and the teacher looses his job. Mr McAlister’s we learn about how another teacher becomes emotionally and physically involved with, Tracy Flick. Ultimately he looses his teaching position and family as a result. The teacher was the close friend of Mr McAllister who loves his job, has been thrice chosen for teacher-of-the-year honours and has a good relationship with his wife.

Basically, Jim can’t stand Tracy, the school’s Little Miss Prim, who approaches high school as her personal field of conquest, a place to launch what she is certain to be her brilliant career. Tracy announces her candidacy for the presidency of the student body and appears to be running unopposed, it’s all too much for Mr McAlister; he secretly recruits popular, Paul Metzler to join her on the ballot. Unexpectedly, sister, Tammy, whose would-be girlfriend has just dumped her to go with Paul, decides to run as well and wins instantaneous support from the sullen students by promising to abolish student government if elected.

Appalled as Tracy lack of seriousness of other candidates, the competition just makes the industrious girl work that much harder, as she makes banners, manufactures pins and occupies a campaign post at a hallway table before anyone else gets to school. Meanwhile, Jim, who stresses ethics in his classroom lectures, has an affair with another woman. The story progress’s with Mr McAllister tampering with the votes making Tracy Flik looses her Candidacy place. Although Mr McAllister is found out and looses his job. Yet again Tracy Flik wins.


The Genre of this film is a “Dark High School Comedy”. This is classified as this because it is set in a High School and involves light hearted humour. Examples of this are the situation of Tammy and her girlfriend and when Tammy’s girlfriend becomes involved with her brother. Another example is when Mr McAllister is with his wife her face changes into such people as the women he is having an affair with and Tracy Flik. Also that it is mostly set in and around High School and High School life.


Sound plays an important part in film as it is which delivers the film. A large part of the sound in the film election was the music. It was quirky and gave a mood effect. For example at the beginning of the film images of Mr McAllister and Tracy Flik are viewed. Mr McAllister has very quiet music where as Tracy has loud drums. I believe this is too show how different they are.

Camera Movement/Angle

This also a big importance too a film. The camera angle and movement provides a 3D image in a film. Election definitely shows clear works of this. The opening scene consists of a water pump in close up with a small figure in the background on a running track. This creates a effect that someone is being rained upon by the water pump creating a mood. Another good use of camera movement is when there is a split scene of Mr McAllister walking down the hall way and Tracy Flik sitting at her desk found the corner. It shows how different they by using close up of Tracy Flik and a Long Shot of Mr McAllister as he approaches the desk.

Target Audience

The Target Audience of this film would mostly be male and female of young adults. This being because it is set in a school and young adults can associate with the characters.


The two main Characters would be Tracy Flik (Reese Witherspoon) and Mr McAllister (Matthew Broderick). Tracey is a perfect student and is always wanting too reach her full potential. Mr McAllister is a teacher who is well liked by most pupils an apple on his desk represents this. Although he is a messy and untidy, this is first specified at the beginning of the film when he is raiding the fridge and making a general mess.


The setting of this film is in an American High School. The area around seems bright and cheery a typical American neighbourhood. The costume and make-up of a film is very important as it helps people perceive what the character is like. For example Tracy Flik is dressed neatly with her hair always sitting perfect and very clear skin. This gives an impression that Tracy is very keen to look good and too go with her perfect image she has achieved for herself. Tracy always looks happy with a big smile on her face this also achieves her good image. Mr McAllister tends too act a rather dull and has a teacher image by the way he dresses and his hair in a side parting.


The purpose of this text is mostly for entertainment. The meaning behind this film will most likely be don’t give up and be what you want too be. For example Tracy wanting too be school president and Mr McAllister trying to sabotage it but she still gets there in the end.