The god has changed throughout his whole life

     The person i decided to interview for this project was my dad. My dad and i have had a very special relationship throughout my whole life. My dad has always been there for me through everything no matter what it is and is willing to do whatever to help me. He does everything for my family and i and i am very grateful that he is in my life.      My dad has had a relationship with god for his whole life. His relationship began by his parents sending him to a catholic high school for twelve years and as a family they went to church every Sunday. My dad chose to send me to a catholic high school because he wants me to be able to have the same connection with god as he did.To my dad, Jesus is like a moral compass; which means he believes that he is the son of god and he prays to him.      His relationship with Jesus has impacted him by being his leader and he helps him to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. His relationship with god has changed throughout his whole life because once you enter adulthood, you have to gain bigger responsibilities and you cannot always find a way out of every situation especially when you grow up. He prays daily to maintain his relationship with god and asks him for forgiveness when needed.      My dads parents introduced him into god by taking him to church when he was younger and he took kid classes at the church that they went to to listen to stories about god. My dad has had a special miracle happen to him when he was younger. He lit a can of gasoline on fire and was holding the can and it could have blown up but it didn’t. I think that has something to do with him being faithful and learning about Jesus throughout his life.     By interviewing my dad, i learned about his relationship with Jesus. The information means a lot to me, it shows that my dad believes that Jesus is the son of god and he is a very faithful man who is willing to ask for forgiveness whenever he needs it. This information almost changes my perspective on Jesus; before hearing his opinion and stories, i used to be a little unsure about what to believe because everything seems so unreal, but after hearing multiple stories about miracles, not just my dad, it has made me start to believe that he does exist and there is a heaven.