The good electrical energy quality makes the region

The Deccan Plateau of Telangana is chosen as the case study. It has been selected forfive key reasons, first, because the electricity infrastructure problems and dependence onground water-based irrigation have reached a critical level Shah, 2009; second, experienceand knowledge concerning governance reform and electricity infrastructure regulation isavailable Kimmich and Sagebiel, 2016; third, the chosen area is representative of theDeccan plateau of South India, covering parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. The main crops grown in this plateau is cotton and paddy andare usually water intensive, and the use of irrigation systems is essential for successfulharvest of the crops. Therefore, an interest in and need for improved electricity powersupply was already given; fourth, the chosen area has no alternative to groundwaterirrigation and is rather dry. A high dependency on good electrical energy quality makesthe region a priority for intervention Sagebiel et al., 2016; fifth, the rural economy iscritical for the livelihood of majority people in Telangana. Of the 30.5 million population,21.

3 million population live in the rural areas of the province Statistical Year Book, 2016.Agriculture provides significant support for economic growth and social transformation ofthe rural sector. The importance of agriculture in Telangana needs no exaggeration. Thisis as any changes in the agriculture sector will have positive or negative multiplier effects 3 on the formal sector. Thus good performance in the agricultural sector is essential forthe inclusive growth of the province.

In terms of both the area and size, it is the twelfthlargest province in India. Telangana is boarded by the provinces of Maharashtra to theNorth, Andhra Pradesh to the South and Karnataka to the West. The province comprisesthirty one districts covering an area of 1,12,077 square km after the Andhra PradeshReorganization (amendment) Act, 2014 Figure 1 Reinventing Telangana-Looking Backand Looking Ahead, 2017Government of Telangana Portal, 2017.