The Grammar of Poetry Vocabulary

the language of pictures and music

specific figure of speech

meter and rhyme
the music of poetry contains these two parts

narrative poetry
poems that tell stories

nature poetry
poems about creation

love poetry
poems that sing of friendship or romantic love

descriptive poetry
poems that explain or describe something

historical poetry
poems about countries, peoples, wars, etc

religious poetry
poems about God or man’s relationship with Him

humorous poetry
poems to make you laugh

a figure of speech that compares two dissimilar things using the words LIKE, AS, or THAN

rhyme scheme
combination of letters which represent the rhyming pattern of a poem

a paragraph of poetry

blank verse
poetry that doesn’t rhyme

full rhyme
a pair of words ending with exact-sounding vowels and consonants; produces a clean and predictable effect

slant rhyme
a pair of words ending with approximate-sounding vowels or consonants; create a feeling of tension or unease

a figure of speech in which an object is being called something which it is not because of a similarity between the two