;the horses; poetry

who is the author?
edwin muir

what put the world to sleep?
the seven days war

when did the horses come?
late in the evening

when did they make their covenant with silence?
when the horses came

when was it still?
the first few days

when did they listen to their breathing and were afraid?
the first few days

what happened on the second day?
radios failed

what happened on the third day?
warship passes with dead bodies on deck

what happened on the sixth day?
plane plunged over into sea


where do they stand?
corners of our kitchens

where are the radios turned on?
million rooms around the world

if the radio should speak what would they do?
not listen

what would the word do?
swallow its children in one great gulp

what are the nations doing?
lying asleep

how are the nations lying?
curled blindly in the impenetrable sorrow

how does the thought confound them?
with its strangeness

where do the tractors lie?
about the field

what do the tractors look like at evening?
dank sea monsters

what did the ‘dank sea monsters’ look like they were doing?
couched and waiting

what do they do to the tractors?
leave them and let them rust

what do they make their oxen do?
drag their rusty plows

where have they gone past far?
their father’s land

when did the strange horses come?
late that evening in the summer

what did they hear on the road?
strange drumming

what were the heads like?
like a wild wave charging

what had they sold in their fathers time?

why did they sell their horses?
to buy new tractors

fabulous steeds set on…
an ancient shield

what were two characteristics given to the horses?
stubborn and shy

how many colts were there?
half a dozen

where were the colts dropped?
wilderness of a broken world

where did the horses come from?
their own Eden

what have the horses done?
pulled their plows and borne their loads

what can still piece their heart?
free servitude

what changes their life?
the horses coming