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The Bermuda Triangle is the name of the zone between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Some people call it the Devil’s triangle, because of the planes, people, and boats that have gone missing when going through it. There are numerous conspiracy theories that people have come up with over the years to explain disappearances of the vehicles. However, there is a reasonable explanation as to why they go missing. The Bermuda Triangle is just a regular area in the ocean like the other spots in the ocean.     The Bermuda Triangle has its reputation for destroying boats and planes. 75 planes and over a hundred of boats have gone missing in the last 100 years in this location. 1000 people have disappeared, or maybe even died in the Bermuda Triangle. There have only been a few people who have made it out of the Bermuda Triangle. They also haven’t  been able to find the shipwrecks or the plane wrecks.     There have been numerous times of famous ships and planes disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. The Ellen Austin was on its voyage in 1881 and came across another ship that didn’t have anyone on board. Ellen Austin decided to transfer some of its crew onto the other ship so they could try and use the boat to sail to New York. Then out of nowhere, the other ship disappeared out of thin air. Later the ship appeared again, but the crew that was placed on the ship were gone. Then it disappeared again and still hasn’t been found. Flight-19 were training aircrafts of TBM Avenger bombers of US Navy. On Dec 5, 1945, those aircrafts went missing while flying over the Atlantic. They were scheduled to go east from Florida Naval base, then north, and then get back over a final route that would return them to the naval base, but strangely they never came back. Shortly after Flight-19 went missing, two rescue Martin Mariner aircraft with a 13-man crew was sent to search for the missing flights. Then, however, one of the Martin Mariners itself did not return and still hasn’t been found.     There are tons of conspiracy theories that people have come up with to explain the disappearings in the Bermuda Triangle. One of these theories is a crystal pyramid 3 times the size of the Giza pyramid is below the Bermuda Triangle. The scientist Dr. Verlag had had the coordinates and was going to bring more cameras to record the pyramid, but she went missing and no one can find her. Another theory is that there are hexagonal clouds over the Bermuda Triangle. The clouds are said to be able to blast and send out winds to the ocean at speeds up to 170 mph and can create gigantic waves, which would be bad for airplanes and ships. Electronic fog has also been a possible theory for the disappearances. It is said that planes and ships get engulfed in electronic fog and that fog stays on the ships and planes. Eventually, all the electronic equipment starts malfunctioning and then the planes and ships disintegrate or disappears without a trace. However, we have no idea whether these things are true for they are just theories.     The Bermuda Triangle is a place in between two places of common trade, North America, and Asia. Boats and ships would have to cross across the Bermuda Triangle to get to the other countries and they do. The area of the Bermuda Triangle is a very busy port for ships and planes. Those ships and planes are always passing through but nothing happens to them. This might mean that the disappearances are normal and maybe even the same number as other areas.     They say that the cause of the missing planes and boats are more earthly than supernatural. Researchers have found huge undersea craters which could be tell-tale signs on why vessels went missing and were possibly blown to smithereens, to end up at the bottom of the sea. Methane is likely to have leaked from deposits of natural gas deeper below the seabed, then created cavities which eventually burst, once the pressure gets too high. Gas hydrates react with methane and they decompose the methane ice then turns to gas.  The decomposing of the two is like a nuclear reaction and warms up the ocean. That can significantly reduce the density of water in that area. And ships passing over that area can sink to the bottom just like that. That type of gas release can also create explosions and saturate the atmosphere with methane gas causing planes to crash or sink. This theory seems like the best possible explanation for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.     Even though this area has the most tragic unexplained deaths of all time it can all have natural explanations as mentioned earlier. It should be noted that not many disappearances or deaths have taken place lately in this area as today is more technically advanced. Today the Bermuda Triangle is an area where plenty of ships and aircrafts pass through regularly without any problems. It has also been noted that most of the incidents that are said to have taken place here are not true. It was all made up by the authors in order to get more attention from the readers