The hypertension, diabetes and cancer. In Africa, particularly

The ability to bring change and advance
one’s community and country is probably the highest achievement that one can
make in life. In the healthcare industry, many people with such ideals are
urgently needed to address the myriad challenges of disease burden, especially
with new pandemics like Ebola and HIV; as well as emerging non-communicable
diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

In Africa, particularly in Kenya, the twin problems
of communicable and non-communicable diseases have been worsened by the
devolution of health to the counties following the coming to force of the 2010
constitution. Counties that were previously non-existed were tasked with the
huge task of running a highly resource- intensive and dependent health
programs. Because of the various challenges encountered, Kenya has seen
worsening in health indicators like maternal mortality rates and infant
mortality rates.

Personally, I have had the dream of being a
major player in making of decisions that positively affect the health of my
countrymen. From childhood, whence I have borne the brunt of walking long
distances to access health services, it has been my wish that I train in a
field that shall enable me to serve in the medical field. That is why I pursued
Medicine as a course in my undergraduate studies at Moi University, Kenya.

Once I started working in the community I
my various postings, I have noted many gaps in the delivery of health services,
these being manifest within the facilities, but also in the broader framework
in which health services are being offered. Currently, in the HIV clinic in
which I work in, I have come to appreciate that not all patients who are
eligible for anti-retroviral drugs are on care. It is saddening also to encounter
new infections in children whose parents have the virus. It is for these
reasons that I have applied for this Masters in Global Health at Bergen
University. This is because I needed to learn more, and be versed with
practical and leadership skills that can enable me to engage in progressively
complex tasks aimed at alleviating the challenges mentioned above.


Upon completion of my studies, I plan to
come back to my department at Gertrude’s Children’s hospital where I hope to be
able to guide the staff, donors and clients in rolling back the detrimental
effects of HIV on our communities by offering my expertise in teaching,
training and leadership