The idea basing the stereotypical of appearance, health,

The movie provided a very excellentdemonstration as they have displayed a clear point as to the types of ageistbehaviour. As its focused on the main character Woody who seemed to have beenwell identified and examine as to the common treatment given to peoplebeginning to show signs of slipping away from reality. The movie portrayedelderly in a negatively manner in several ways.

The movie revealed a reality ofthe way elderly are seen, as there was verbal and emotional abuse that wasdirect towards Woody during the film, it’s not only strangers that commit this commonabuse, but also by family members and other close acquaintances. A particularperson is his wife (Kate) whom looks down upon her husband, as she fears ageand separates her husband from herself. Loss of autonomy is common with the ageprocessing as driving to Woody was a very masculinity task that he could nolonger do, this hurt him as its seen important in the small town. Prejudiceoccurred by professional make snappy judgments about Woody’s cognitive capabilitiesbased upon his age and do not know that some of the characteristics they areidentifying are his personality traits. Mental decline and the common ideabasing the stereotypical of appearance, health, mental, emotional, and ideaswithout respecting the changes that occur with everyone as they have gottenolder. The main character Woody Grant is the focus on the portal treatment ofthe aging stereotypes and ageist behaviour that control so much of our societyand how ageism can not only impact society but also can the older individualhealth and well being.

The movie presents it’s self as bringing awareness ofthe mistreatment of elders.