The important role for a company’s success. Organization

business strategy of Coca-Cola company are enhance shareholder’s value and
maximize profit. As can be seen, the organization structural plays an important
role for a company’s success. Organization structure of Coca-Cola company is a
tall hierarchy. So it has divide employees into different operating group by geographic.
In order to respond quickly while the change of local market and more
understand the needs of local market because it has different requirements. For
instance, the operating groups are Eurasia and Africa Group, Europe Group,
Latin America Group, North America Group and Pacific Group. Each groups have
its own vice president to control the employees and the head office responsible
to give directions and provide support to each groups. Under each groups, it
has own department such as human resource, marketing, finance and etc. In
external organizational, Coca-Cola system refers to Coca-Cola Company is
cooperate with external groups for bottling and distribution. Coca-Cola company
responsible to manufacture and sells concentrates, beverage base and syrup to
the bottling partners. Bottling partner will manufacture, package, merchandise and
distribute the final beverage to our customers and vending partners. The
partnership between Coco-Cola company and bottling partners are contracting the
localized strategies develop. Because of the bottling partners are work closely
with consumers such as convenience stores, movie theaters, restaurants, grocery
stores and so on. Therefore, the head office need to ensure the production and
distribution with unmatched quality and service around the world. Every
organization have not only a structure also a culture, s strong culture will
provide stability. Coca-Cola company is designed their organization structure to
be motivated, friendly and focus on growth. At the
present time, Coca-Cola company approximately has 123,200 employees around the
world. In
general, employees through their
knowledge, skills and professional for helping employer create value. So the
encouragement and teamwork are significant for the growth of company. In the nut
shell, decentralized structure is the ideal structure for cola company because
of the geographically has bring some problems such as raw material, health conscious
and political.