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The delegation of North Korea, that went through countless aggressions from multiple countries in the world, after occupation by Japan and trials of World War II, finally stood up and decided that main values of North Korea will be to keep it’s country safe and to stand for it’s ability of self-governance. Our system was built on the idea of equality, and we hope all countries will respect our ability to make decisions. We developed policies of economic and diplomatic self-reliance that DPRK confidently stands for.    North Korea isn’t seeking to disturb peace in the world, on December 12, 1985, North Korea signed the non-proliferation treaty and vowed to limit the amount of weapons of mass destruction that we would keep. While we did keep our side of the deal, U.S. did not respond in a peaceful manner by not lowering the nuclear warheads. We were attempting to create a more peaceful international environment, but unfortunately some countries are trying to use the treaty in favor of their imperialist plans, threatening other countries and posing a threat to the international community. Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, American troops have been pressent in south Korea with two major purposes: failing any attempt by the Korean people to reunify the Korean peninsula, and suppressing any expansion of socialism in the region by establishing an imperialist capitalist stronghold in the region in the context of the cold war that was going on between the U.S.A and the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, after the end of the cold war, the American hostility on all levels against DPRK became more significant, which gave our country no choice but to strengthen our self-defensive war deterrent to maintain the sovereignty and the right of existence of the nation in the face of the increased aggressive threat by the U.S., including developing nuclear weapons, which caused the crisis that is going to be the main topic we will be debating in this conference. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea thinks that the root cause of the Korean peninsula’s nuclear crisis squarely lies in the United States which does not abandon its hostile policy towards DPRK but holds aggressive large-scale joint war exercises repeatedly on the Korean peninsula which is extremely offensive and provocative knowing that it involves strategic assets including strategic nuclear bombers and submarines. The government of the DPRK in accordance with articles 34 and 35 of the UN charter made a request to the UNSC on several cases for an emergency meeting on the international peace and security threat of the joint war exercises on the Korean peninsula, but UNSC unfortunately turned them away every time. When these same acts and hostility committed by the U.S were also the reason behind our withdrawal of the Non-Proliferation treaty which we joined in 1985 allowing IAEA to inspect our nuclear reactors, and were also the reason of the failure of the Agreed Framework we signed in 1994 which could’ve peacefully transform our nuclear program to peaceful purposes only in exchange for help in developing our energy-oriented nuclear program and economic cooperation, those acts 2also played a great role in the failure of the six party talks which was working on briinging DPRK back to the NPT in 2004.We are the only ones currently who are capable of keeping US accountable. All we want is to maintain our traditions and not fall under the pressure of western culture imperialization. Although countries call themselves independent, everyone is being controlled to some extent except for us, instead of trying to build your own happiness, countries our trying to take away others. As soon as countries climb out of the American wolves that absorb the brains of future generations, and start putting priority of development upon yourselves, you will truly become independent in decision making in terms of what is best for your country.     We didn’t try to hide that we are developing a nuclear program from the world, it was extreme measures that we had to take because our close neighbors sold their souls to American rats, by allowed get them to place nuclear warheads on the territory, and if we were to announce that were developing nuclear program, we would have been stop, and now it’s the only thing that allows us to be independent. North Korea has no interest in measuring whose button size is bigger, or in fact pressing on it, but if someone attempted to destabilize our religion and our system by threatening the safety of our citizens, we would not be afraid to respond with an attack. Juxtaposed to the US we never forced any other country to adapt our religion, although sooner or later they will find our system while hard to maintain, satisfying, like any free government would go through, US on the other hand blackmails. I don;t see why the capitalistic rats not get any attention while everyone is scapegoating DPRK, we demand ability to check upon US nuclear program. We are tired of being scapegoated out of fear, while we advertise freedom and equality. We are glad we have China and thank it for standing by our side for many years while supporting us and our independence. If we feel like our safety is threatened, we are not afraid to enter a war, desperate times ask for desperate measures. For ending the crisis North Korea suggests:The reinitiating of the six party talks negotiations to find a peaceful solution of the crisis that safeguards the international security but also the national sovereignty, independence and security of each country in accordance with the United Nations charter, and also preserves the right of DPRK of peaceful use of nuclear energy under and support it on that level.The implementation of confidence building measures between the US and DPRK under international supervision before and during the six party negotiation process which consists of the withdrawal of 40% of the American forces including strategic nuclear bombers and submarines from South Korea, in exchange for the withdrawal of 40% of our forces from the DPRK-Republic of Korea borders and cease of nuclear and ballistic missiles, noting that the measures will be implemented temporary as long as the negotiation is taking place as a sign of good intention, and will be ceased in case of not reaching a an agreementIn the end, we the North Koreans are a patriotic people that want nothing but peace and prosperity; after 11 years of being sanctioned for trying to protect ourselves, sanctions proved and is still proving itself to be unsuccessful in solving the crisis. Our hand is still outstretched for a peaceful solution that guarantees international security in parallel with our national sovereignty and independence, but as much as we want this crisis to be solved peacefully, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will not hesitate for a moment to use all the means necessary in its disposal to defend its people, its existence and its independence