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The novel “1984” was written by Eric Arthur Blair better known as George Orwell during the late 1940s. Orwell is known as a novelist, essayist, and critic. He is the author of Animal Farm and Down and Out in Paris and London. His many different job and life experiences qualifies him to write this book. George Orwell’s experience of moving around to different places played a great role. The rise of Hitler during World War II was a triggering point for George Orwell. The Cold War was also time when there superpowers fought to gain power in the 1950s. World War II and Cold War was the time of dictatorship. His experience of communism and totalitarianism was the triggering point to write this book. Orwell disliked the idea of totalitarianism and dictatorship. He believes that dictatorship should get eliminated in society. 
1984 is written organized in a chronological order. The book is splitter into three sections. Each section represents a certain idea or belief. It starts off  by introducing the main character Winston Smith. Winston Smith is the main protagonist of 1984. The other main side characters include Julia and Big Brother. Winston is a frail, weak, rebellious young man who tries to fight with the government.  The story is mainly set in a superstate called Oceania. Oceania is always in a war and is fully controlled by the government.Winston lives in a society where the government controls everything. In this society, privacy and freedom is completely eliminated from the citizens. The main figure with the power is done by “Big Brother.” The police executes his order and makes sure that people are following the rules. The only exception is those who are considered to be the ” Inner Party.” The Inner Party is the high class who controls the Outer Party in the state. The commoners are controlled through tele screens and microphones. Winston realizes that the government is not transparent with the citizens. He wants to find out who the government interacts with and how he can gain individualism and freedom. Julia is another character in the story who wants to gain freedom and turns away from governments order. The relationship between Winston and Julia begins. They plan on going against the government to fight for their freedom and rights. However, nothing turns out properly. They are both arrested by the police. The police tries to brainwash them again. The main theme of this story is Democracy VS Totalitarianism and Communism.
George Orwell does a fantastic job of applying creativity when writing the book. The idea of propaganda and spying citizens is a great way of imagination during his period. George Orwell’s period did not have the high technology to develop microphones and telescreens to control people. He portrays various themes throughout the book. The themes that are mentioned in the story are very relevant to how government functions and our society runs today. I believe that this 1984 had repeating information in the content and it was a bit too long. I also think that it would have been a little better if he applied some true stories to blend with his imagination.Orwell’s story is both very puzzling but interesting at the same time. I believe that the story 
The CCTVs and sattelite technology in South Korea touches the topic of complete control in the book. The advancement of technology in South Korea always gives the feeling that we are watched. Totalitarianism is a type of government present in our society today. North Korea is a great example of dictatorship and totalitarianism. People in North Korea are always controlled and watched by the government and their dictator. conspiracy theory 
I recommend this book to everyone who is capabale of understanding and comprehending the text in 1984