The is enriched activity for effective outcome decisions

The alignment of HR analytics with workforce planning is
enriched activity for effective outcome decisions of the recruitment and
selection, succession planning, performance management, and training and
The Organizations try to adopt the workforce planning for accurate decisions at
the long-run, which can be valuable for quality of employee’s performance and
organization’s value. HR analytics by the way is a chain of processes for
convert the main data into meaningful information, per se for the managers,
owners, and employees. <2>


This study on 20 HR analytics practitioners in various organizations for those are accountable
for applying HR analytics about how HR analytics will change the business
outputs and how will not in the same situation in 2025 as 2015. HR analytics
does separated due to luck understanding from practitioners and the HR
managers, nevertheless the decision-making is mainly dependents on future of HR
However they have four steps of analysis which are including data management,
descriptive accounts, and explanatory accounts. Interestingly they compared the
HR analytics in 2015 opposite 2025, for instance the expectation is the HR
department data will be shared with all functional department  as an IT department is responsibly for
providing these data from unique database. The privacy concern,  practitioners culture, the failure to share
data, and organization rules are impede HR analytics. Whereas the IT department
in vary organization are powerless, whilst the strengthen IT department
established is the core facilitation for shared the data and decision making.

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They studied the
relationship between HR analytics and the business entity between 2015 the
future of 2025, as a consequences of the mentioned, The future scholars need to
focus on the study between organizational development and HR analytics. < 3>


HRM strategies can
develop the organization and has to be essential element for support the
organization. For instance, Strategic HRM affects the enterprise performance
for more revenue and less costs.

HR professionals to
approve by integral strategic HRM we got the best performance, productivity,
and better results. < 5>


By the study of medium
and large corporations on HR executives; the most affected factor in the future
to run HR is the integration of human capital and business strategy, as well as
the given analytics and metrics are too much related with the achieved
strategy. frurthermore, the most element that measures HR is the HR information
system. 44% of HR analytics and metrics achieved by identifying the high impact
talent, Also the business entities are more satisfied by having the skills more
than having the data. they found there are huge amount of data without
relevance to HR department. HR analytics is so important for sustainability of
the firm but does  not applied.
Immensely, there’s HR connectivity as a strategic business partner. However,
Strategic HR analytics play a vital role to the organization strategy.

Future of HR analytics
are driving the changes at the enterprise, but the main issue that the most of
enterprises do not have sufficient knowledge with the analysis. <6>



Talent analytics admitted
by the managers and HR employees, but there is impairment of cognition and lack of awareness of talent analytics.
Importantly, Talent analytics analysts have to regard the privacy of the
organization. Indeed, Adequate designing of talent analytics helps HR manager
to make the strategic plans. By providing sophisticated environment for
gathering and analysing the data, we’ll get the desired results. Clearly, They focused on
providing good conditions like; the infrastructure of the data and increasing
of knowledge of all at the enterprise for effective talent analytics and adopt
it for growth of an enterprise.

The steps in this research was
divided into three parts; Data
infrastructure and reporting, Advanced
analytics to help and know the existing data, and the Organizational research
that through it we can understand and find the out the solutions and to know
more about HR concerns.  < 7 >


Aimed to
study the HR information system with the consideration to the impact,
determinations and factors of applying it. There are too many organizations
used HRIS to attract and retain employees, reducing wasted time in the
processes, and making the organizations to take the competitive advantage
through the market.


HRIS is a
system contains all the necessity data for support the operational needs and
decisions at the firm by providing valuable data. As a result of applying HRIS;
the main issue that exist is the lack of privacy. In addition, HRIS needs to be
more investigated by future researchers. < 8 >


HR analytics, performance pay, and IT environment as a core element of Human
capital management and the relationship through them by measuring the adoption
and perception of the organizations and managers about them. HCM is helpful
for performance pay by comparing all of the related reports such as;
absenteeism, performance appraisal, incentives.

(HCM) needs to fit sophisticate IT infrastructure. As a core element of
(ERP) Enterprise Resources Plan, HCM is beneficial system only when we applied
it as complementary not as a margin component at the organization, in fact HCM
is providing support to the managers for better desired results of the decided
decisions. < 9 >