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The irruption of the financial market changed the way in which sexuality was conceived, performed and exerted.In a society mediated by the market, money was the most alluring trait. The commodification of sexuality affected to the way women related to themselves and to their world,causing  their minds to be fragmented and their natural qualities to be plundered.Femininity was regarded as a marketable product.The three chosen modernist texts  reflect in a masterly way the situation of women towards the commodification of their sexuality. The atrocious effects of financial capitalism, consumerism and mass culture are undeniable. However, they engaged in the liberalization of female sexuality which had also bening consequences like the proliferation of sexual choices or a certain degree of female empowerment. Despite the fact that sexual female empowerment was profitable for the market, it also helped to achieve female emancipation portrayed in figures like the Flappers.The chosen texts also reflect in a masterly way the commodification of female sexuality and how it repercuted on their individuality. Helga Crane is an instinctive and strong woman who struggles to perform her mixed racial identity and to unleash her sexual impulses. Anna Morgan is a tenacious and resourceful girl who tries to find her place in a foreign society where she faces hypersexualization, shaming and repression. Daisy Buchanan is perhaps the most passive subject because of the constrainment of her status. Nevertheless, she is an intelligent and practical woman who attempts to liberate herself from her tight position. The three characters and the novels are completely different. However, there are two things that all works share. The first one is that all three novels deal with different and sometimes contradictory interactions between commodified sexualities and female identities with class,race or imperialism. The second and most important one is that  while portraying the heinous results of the sexual market, they also depict the commodification of sexuality in a hopeful way as an instrument for women to empower themselves. Helga is able to unleash her sexual impulses and her repressed desires, Anna finds a way to be free and although Daisy leaves with Tom, she is no longer tolerating his infidelities. The three endings show a note of hope in the situation of her three female protagonists.Aware of its worth in the market,women found in the commodification of their sexualities an instrument for their empowerment and a way to negotiate their identities in the mediated capitalist society.