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The Scope Of Human Resource Mangement Human resource management is needed on large scale in many activities of day to day life of an employer.From the day he enters the organization to the day when he leaves the organization he is under the wing of HRM. Most if not all decisions, strategies, factors and methods of employes come directly under HRM.For an organization to get powerful and strong HRM is a necessity. HRM makes sure that the employees of an organization are happy and satisfied in their work and that they feel valued at the organization.To facilitate opportunities to all workers equally.HRM also improves their quality of work and performance which in turn improves the organization as a whole If there are no employees in an organization then other resources are pretty much useless which is why HRM is very important.HRM deals with selecting the best workers for the suitable jobs and then training them to give maximum results. HRM also manages all sorts of issues and problems between the organization and the labors.In a way, HRM works as a mutual correspondent.The scope of HRM is very wide and covers many departments and fields and thus not all of its components can be discussed but following are the three important categories in which HRM plays an important role.1.HRM in Personnel Management:In this department, HRM deals directly with manpower management which means to plan, hire, recruit, train and develop an employee.The main objective is to help an individual grow and nourish himself in an organization.To make sure that he feels comfortable working in the environment within the organization.On top of that HRM helps newcomers to learn and practice new skills and techniques in their respective fields.In order to choose the best workers, HRM looks through a large number of applicants from which only a few are selected these few applicants are then trained to perfection and then deployed in the field of work.Motivating employees to give their maximum effort and to use their full potential also comes under personnel management.There are basically four basic functions of personnel management.I.Manpower PlanningII.Recruitment III.SelectionIV.Training   2.HRM In Employee Welfare:Employer Welfare means the efforts made to make life worth living for workmen.Employer welfare includes various services and facilities.It is an interest of employee, employer, and society as a whole.HRM deals with the environment and conditions of work of the employees and workers.The management of this department has a very wide range of responsibilities like safety issues, health, medical issues and welfare funds issues.The management also makes sure that all internal and external hazards and threats are removed from the environment so that the employees can work without any problems.Employee welfare is all about to have a healthy and happy relationship with your workers and deal with any of their complains or issues.To provide the workers with basic needs and working benefits like medical care, sickness benefits, employment injury benefits, personal injury benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment benefits and family benefits.Sometimes huge organizations become so obsessed with profit and rivalry with other organizations that they completely forget about the conditions and state of their workers.If this continues then in long term it can have a very negative effect on the organization.  3.HRM in Industrial Relations: It is a very sensitive area of work which is why it needs a strong management who can keep the workers and labor unions satisfied and happy.This the reason why HRM is much needed in this department.It solves labor disputes deals with legal procedures and maintains positive relations with the workers.Makes sure there are no absenteesim or turn over All of these are extremely important from an organizations perspective.The main objective is to preserve the interests of the organization and protect from any is about establishing and promoting industrial democracy. The progression of the industry is nearly impossible with the full cooperation of all parties involved from the labors to managers and management which is why it’s in everyone’s best interest to cooperate with each other and resolve any issue which is damaging the organization.The basic functions of HRM in Industrial relations are as followsa.To avoid conflict or strikes with workers at all costs.b.To improve the condition of the workers.c.To grow the industrial democracy.d.To establish a mutual understanding between managers and workers.Reference:1.Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementBy Raymond A. Noe2.Strategic Human Resource Management by Clare Kelliher and David Mankin