The mining environment. Adding on, that are article

The first article describes how Apple, Samsung and Sony the three technological company exploits child labour from as young as 14 years to mine for cobalt. Cobalt being a necessity in the production of lithium batteries, which is used to power our technological devices such as mobile phones and laptop. It also discusses on the benefits the companies and consumer are gaining from new technology, are responsible for dangerous and harsh mining environment.

Adding on, that are article supports the RQ as it shows that the child labourers should not

be exploited for these purposes. The firms involved should implement stringent guidelines to ensure no child labourers are used in the production of their product as child labourers  should not be working under harsh conditions. Hence, industries giants can play a part in the fight against child labour.


The second article is on online portal launched by the India’s government in its efforts to tackle child labour. The online portal, Platform for Effective Enforcement for No Child Labour (Pencil) enables anyone to report a case of child labour through the online portal, so that immediate actions can be taken. Moreover, it is also to ensure that follow up actions are taken, improving weak enforcement of child labour laws. Thus, indicates the government’s stand of being against child labour, which is still occurring.

Therefore, supporting the RQ that child labour should not be exploited as there are still as many as millions of child labourers suffering. With the government taking initiative, the other stakeholders including individuals plays a part to help enforce the child labour laws, promote awareness at every level.


The third article discusses about India’s movement to legalise mica mining to address child labour working at illegal mines after child worker death exposed. It also discusses the impact of the decision to legalise the mines as compared to forbidding children under 18 to work in mines and other industry. Positive changes of legalizing mica production through auctioning illegal mines might be greater than going against, more stringent enforcement of child labour legislation, as many families are still living in poverty. However, public awareness campaign to stop child labour is still ongoing.


The article disagrees with the RQ as it legalises child labour, allowing the continuous use of child labour to be legal. Even though it is all in the effort to help improve working conditions, safety and wages, it might encourage the start-up of more mica mines.


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