The modern-day human slavery. As you may have

The efforts and policies put into place by various
governments and nations have been working together to try and end human
trafficking. This is a long and ongoing battle and will take time to diminish.
Human trafficking has been going on for many, many years. Even before many of
us were born. It will be a long and hard battle to fight against human
trafficking. We may never fully get rid of it but as long as citizens and the
government continue to fight against this issue we may take a least a few steps
forward to combat and get rid of human trafficking and end modern-day human

As you may have seen on the news and read about in the
newspapers, human trafficking is rapid throughout many countries. These
countries are all working together to prevent human trafficking. In the United
States the United Nations Convention created a document against Transnational
organized crime in which states that sign it agree to do whatever it takes to
combat any and all types of organized crime that are committed in any nation.
Also, the United States writes up and publishes a yearly report that provides
information that will help countries know where their resources are needed most
to help diminish and hopefully one day completely abolish human trafficking.
The U.S. government has also implemented an anti-trafficking policy to better
help this issue.

The trafficking of humans greatly affects their first
amendment rights such as freedom of speech. They are forced by others inhuman
and sickening actions to be committed into what could be called as modern-day
slavery. Forced to provided services and work jobs that they do not want to
do.  Women, men and children are all used
for labor without their consent. They are not allowed to choose if they want to
provide the labors that they are forced to do. They are treated as animals so
to speak which shows they do not have any type of human rights.

Trafficking occurs when someone takes a person or multiple people and holds
them captive to commit forced services. This horrible action occurs in many
places, one being in Thailand. The victims of human trafficking are often found
in places such as clothing production facilities, housekeeping, and the marine
industry such as fishing and seafood. Human trafficking is a significant issue
involving not only women but also men and children taken from their jobs and off
of the streets.