The named Bob Cratchit, he wasn’t a rich

The Victorian Era was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 20th June, 1837, until her death on January 22nd, 1901. It was an era of great social inequality but the industrialisation brought rapid change in lives of people in all classes. The different traits of this era are portrayed in different forms of literature. Different authors explore the idea of how a good life can be lived or is lived  in the Victorian Era. Different authors show their views on the different ways of how a good life can be lived in the Victorian Era. They are Charles Dickens, author of the book ‘A Christmas Carol’, Oscar Wilde, author of the story ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’ and lastly Elizabeth Barrett Browning the author of the poem ‘The Cry of the Children’ . Charles Dickens perspective helps critique the idea of how the middle upper and lower class people live their lives in the book, ‘A Christmas Carol.’ He shows his opinion through different texts, like when a character says, “And the Union Workhouses?” demanded Scrooge. “Are they still in operation?”  Scrooge is heartless and an inconsiderate soul especially around  christmas time. People on the road fear him and try to avoid  contact with him. He does not care about anything or anyone; he prefers to be alone. People come knocking at his door for a donation but he turns them away saying that if people die than at least the surplus population will decrease. And maybe there will be more place in the upper class for people like him, suffering in a lower class. On the other hand there was a man named Bob Cratchit, he wasn’t a rich man with a lot of things but he was still happy; sober and content with his family and life. He never asked for more or less, of course he had wishes that he wanted to come true but he made the most of what he had and was thankful for it. Unlike Scrooge who was a miser and only cared about himself. This showed how the middle class and lower class people had worse temperaments because of the way they were treated. However like Bob there were people who had made their peace with their situation and were happy, trying to make the best of it.In the poem, ‘The Cry of the Children’ the author Elizabeth Barrett Browning critiques the treatment of children and how their lives are lived. The poem shows how the children cry and how they are living a tamed and restricted life. They want to live freely and enjoy their lives like normal children. ‘”Our young feet,” they say, ” Are very weak.” “Few paces we have taken yet.” Such young children full of life are born down by the treatment of mankind and that happiness fades away. Cruelty and harshness is shown to the innocent just because of the class their born into. Truly how long can manipulation work? The author tells us that the children have been living a sheltered and sad life. All they want is to die. This poem focuses on the life of children during the Victorian era. The upper class children may have had comfortable lives but no matter what they all were subjected to the society and its rules. In ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’ is a poem written by Oscar Wilde.  He helps critique how the upper class people care about their beauty and youth. Dorian Gray is an upper class person who obsesses over his looks. “His friend Basil makes a portrait of him. After he gets the portrait he admires his beauty and wishes that the painting will age and not him.” He was interrupted by Lord Henry, who came to tell him that a girl had committed suicide. After his first outburst of pained surprise, Dorian wondered why he could not feel the tragedy as much as he wanted to; it all seemed like a wonderful play in which he had taken a great part, but by which he had not been wounded. Lord Henry consoled him with cynical words, until he ceased regretting even the marring of the beautiful portrait, and took pleasure in thinking at it would bear his sins, while his own beauty would not fade.” Dorian not only stopped caring about his feelings but his actions too. This depicts the careless nature with which the upper class citizens lived. Since their actions and words can almost always be overlooked thanks to their money they do not have to worry about all those things as average lower and middle class citizens do.  The different authors from the different poems and stories show how the different classes of people live their lives and what they act like. A person’s lifestyle is defined based on how they live, how much they earn, what they do and where they’re seen. There’s a huge social difference based on the different classes of people. There are certain things it is unacceptable to do but the upper class can do it and is overlooked for it. In court cases the upper class had the upper hand in any trial against a person from a lower class. The classes were a method of segregation that only favored a certain type of class and left everyone else lower than the other.People should be treated equally. This idea of classes and what you can do based on your class has ruined the true meaning of equality. How can we have equality when the world is so unfair? The different authors themselves show how the class systems work and what effect they have on the people.