The old friend, or maybe she was chatting

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is stirring up confusion and concern for many US citizens.  It’s said that Clinton used a private email server when she was a Secretary of State. This was against the rules.  This was consistent with some previous practices of other Secretaries of States from the Democratic and Republican parties. The concern in Email security is highly important and has grown as emails have become more important.  They are important now because they started being used for important businesses.  This was unimportant in early days, though.  America needs a good leader.  We need a leader that we can trust.  We don’t know what Emails Hillary was sending, nor do we know who she was sending them too.  Maybe she was chatting with an old friend, or maybe she was chatting with America’s worst nightmare.  Hillary Clinton was under investigation as the election was going on, which made her lose a lot of her fans.  It is said that Clinton deleted over 33,000 emails.  Donald Trump states that it is a violation of our country’s safety.  Even though she was under investigation, the FBI did not prosecute her for her actions.  The email scandal still created a huge dent in Hillary’s campaign, and put some leeway on Donald Trump.  Some of the American people lost trust in Clinton also because she said that she didn’t know that the “c” in emails meant “classified.”   The New York Times says that she created a private email account in which she deleted the 33,000 emails.  The FBI said that the emails deleted were related to work, but they still should have been given to the State Department.  America will remember Clinton as a person that hides the truth and a person that almost got away with deleting 33,000 emails.  Also, Trump made Clinton look bad in her campaign by making  commercials about her and criticizing her.  I can relate those actions to the early days, when the role of president was only a few decades old.  People were using propaganda, which information used to promote something your opinion pertains to,  or criticize something your opinion does not pertain to.  During the fourth election, which was against Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, there was lots of propaganda.  Propaganda was used to promote their own campaign and to criticize their opponent and their campaign.   Now, returning to the most recent election.  To wrap things up, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but that didn’t mean anything.  The thing that mattered was the electoral votes, which Donald Trump won.  Donald Trump has done some bad things too towards his election, but in the end, you had to declare the winner of the 2017 election to Donald John Trump, our 45th President of the United States of America.