The organization do like a teamwork and they

The international organization is a place of cooperation of some individuals or countries that they have the same purpose. Members of the organization do like a teamwork and they have rules that every member must observe the rules.1 The international organization is made up of lawmakers created by the state that established it. This organization creates what its members want to do.2

According to Sumaryo Suryokusumo, an international organization is a development of a system, international organizations also look from the point of view of the level of development that has been achieved at some time available. International organizations are also needed in cooperation and seek compromises to determine security, prosperity and seek common solutions and eliminate conflicts or disputes.3

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According to Teuku May Rudy, an international organization is defined as a pattern of cross-border cooperation with a clear and complete organizational structure and is expected or projected to take place and carry out its function in a sustainable and institutional way to strive for the achievement of the necessary and well-agreed goals between government and government as well as between non-governmental groups based on different countries.4

In the Charter of the United Nations, international organizations facilitate the security of the countries in the world to stand on their own without any external or internal pressure. However, the granting of the facility must seek permission from the UN Security Council. The facility is also provided to resolve the disputes that occur in the countries of the world.5

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