The Paper Town is an interestingly unique book

The Paper Town is an interestingly unique book that I have ever come across to. The book is basically about the protagonist, Quentin Jacobsen, whom have a routine and basic life, then turned around for a change, when his new neighbour, Margo Roth Spiegelman, moves in next door. As the ‘younger’ Quentin have been observing, Margo is an adventurous and outgoing girl who loves to solving mysteries. They both soon became friends and always do things together. But as many years flew by, both Quentin and Margo are now in highschool and have drifted apart. They hardly see or speak to each other as Margo became more popular while Quentin was just one of the ‘less popular’ kid in school. Until one day, Margo climbs into Quentin’s bedroom and decides to invite him to go on a mission for revenge at night. They both went on the most exciting adventure. But the next morning, Quentin decides to look for Margo and realizes that she was gone. The main plot of the story starts to unfold when Quentin and his friends tries to uncover clues that they thought Margo had left behind. I felt the plot was cleverly written. The fact that Margo left some trails of clues behind for Quentin gives the book an excitement and makes the reader feel likes there is a must to read on. There was a sort of mix of comedy, mystery and dairy-like stories combined together.I also like the way how the book divides into three different parts. The three parts are named The Strings, The Glass and the The Vessel. Those are the metaphors being used in the whole book. Each of these parts represents each of the metaphors itself. I feel that The Strings stands for how a person can go missing or dies, they can still be connected throughout the string. A quote> “Maybe all the strings inside her broke” (13.)The Grass is about the clues that Margo had left behind for Quentin. Each piece of grass can represent a unique clue that can help Quentin find Margo. Despite each strand of the grass is different, they still have one same purpose which is to connect together to form a lawn or a field. It’s quite similar that all the clues Margo left comes together to complete one whole picture.Vessels are strong and sturdy containers that helps protect from water. The vessels can represent Quentin trying to be transported to Margo and the water could represent the clues and the struggles he faced trying to find his crush/good friend/neighbour. I feel that there are quite a few hidden symbols used to symbolize many important ideas in the entire book. I also felt that John Green is trying to make the reader think and dig deeper to understand the book thoroughly.Overall, I love the way how to writer uses the metaphors and phrases throughout the book. I kinda loved the character Quentin as there was so much of his personalities expressed really clearly and the speeches were well written. I also liked that he was kinda obsessed and determined to find out what had happened to his crush as he really cared about her and knew the only way to find her was to follow the clues. The only small bit of problem I didn’t like about the book is that the plot in the middle of the book starts to drag and was a bit boring as there were lesser clues. Afterwards, it picked up its pace and became more exciting and humorous. The end of the book was really sad and also yet touching. Throughout the whole book, it made the readers feel that Quentin and Margo were going to be together and all would be well but turns out that Margo chose to stay where she was and she was meant to start a new beginning. Otherwise, the whole story flowed so well with those great metaphors being used.