The people couldn’t leave the city by then.

The federal government holds the majority of power and has taken responsibility for the good of the nation as a whole. “united we stand, divided we fall”, without a central government controlling all 50 states, we would be divided.
Many argue that each state has its own needs and it should have its own government control but this is not good for the country. One major example is national security, without a strong federal government we wouldn’t be safe after 9/11. If New York’s state government had control on security, it would be based on the citizens of New York, it would be there to protect New Yorkers only, what about near by states? If the united states hypothetically went to war, would New York go to war alone and be able to protect the United States? However, this should not exclude state from taking part of authority.
Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst disasters in history. The federal government always tries to prepare for disasters that could happen, but they failed according to many news stations. There were communication major communication and response. For example, when they declared the state volunteer evacuation and then the evacuation became mandatory after 24 hours and it was declared national state emergency. Many people couldn’t leave the city by then. In case of such emergency, I believe for success, the state and city should decide on how to prepare accordingly and not wait for federal government to decide. Another great example of state centralization of government power put into success is the California wildfire. With organized state and local disaster, management system, they are able to protect the citizens well each year with excellent disaster preparedness. While the state should decide whats good for their local citizens, it must go hand in hand with federal government.

Legalizing marijuana has been a major debatable topic on TV lately. Eight states legalized medical marijuana so far. If the federal government decides to bust growers nation wide. What will happen to growers in these legalized states. At the end of the day, the federal government has the right and power to go after the cannabis growers even in legalized states. In my own opinion, a balanced control is an excellent form of system. Federal and state should work together but a centralized federal government hold the nation as one.