The purpose of this report is to improve

The purpose of this report is to improve a compensation and reward system for Acme manufacturing, job functions can be the base solution in order to avoid conflict with the employees. After catching so much attention in the media the last couple months due to the harassment and violence incidents. Management noticed employees were affected and wanted to develop a reward system after the conflict subsided, the Human Resources manager to create a reward and compensation plan.Personal SelectionThe process used to hire an employee from the possible applicants that applied is referred personal selection. The applicant needs to be knowledgeable, have specific qualifications and the skills needed to fill the position. Fundamentals for personal selection There are multiple phases the personal selection procedure goes through.  These stages help with the information about the applicant. The knowledge and skills are a call for rejection if it does not stand up to the company’s standards, this is where the proper selection system can provide an appropriate applicant.Successful selection depends on the following requirements: • The number of applicants should be adequate; otherwise, it will be not easy to choose the best applicant.• HR manager select the applicants and those persons must be select based on the job requirement.• A proper job specification chart must be developed in advance with which applicant’s skills, knowledge, abilities can be compared.Significance of personal selection procedureImportance of personnel selection procedure:Within organizations, success depends on the quality of the personnel that is selected for the job. As a result, the selection procedure is a critical function of an organization’s management. The importance can be seen from the following factors: 1. Acquiring skillful workers- The selection aids in finding and employing candidates who are suitable for the available positions.2. The decrease in cost of training – Right applicant selection allows for a decrease in the training because capable applicants will be more eager to learn which will result in good workers.3. Employees issue can be solved – Suitable candidates will be contented with their roles, which allows for a conflict-free workplace and a decrease in the number of problems.The method of candidate selection consists of information gathering about the applicant for the reason of concluding employment suitability for a particular job. There are many methods in which the information gathered from the applicants can be obtained, these consists of Personality Tests, interviews, work samples, assessments, biographical data and physical ability tests etc. there are a few things that must be done before the selection process is chosen. One of the main things that must happen is the development of the job description, analysis, specification and reward system for the required position, which is done by HR.Job AnalysisA Job Analysis is a process in which identify and determine whether particular job duties and requirements. The job analysis can be conducted before the selection process and where decisions are made about the job via the data collected by the analysis.Manager ResponsibilitiesThe responsibilities of an applicant that fits the administrative qualifications have to be able to mature the department’s purposes, preparation and appraising activities; and example of this can be a Human Resource Manager. Job duties are important to uphold because of the applicant variety process, recruiting, orienting and training process. Planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; counseling, coaching and disciplining employees; developing, coordinating, and enforcing setup, procedures, policies and productivity standards are all achievements that are needed to achieve the job standards. Some other ways to maintain your job duties can by doing these strategies:1. Strategic Goals • gathering information related business• operations data• evaluating and identifying options and trends2. Maintain quality  service• enforcing customer service standards and quality• analyzing and resolving quality• customer service problems3. Technical & Professional Knowledge• educational workshops establishing personal networks• reviewing professional publications• benchmarking improved practices• participating in professional societiesManaging and leading the team is that of a manager, the manager has multiple standards to meet with the company like working project management, giving feedback, developing standards and budgets and most importantly handling pressure. Reward and Compensation SystemThis era can make it hard to retain the best employees if the company does not show some appreciation of your best employees can result in the moving on to the next opportunities’.Putting a compensation and reward plan in to motion at Acme Manufacturing will contain:• reward programs• company perks • benefits packages • pay scalesThese type of rewards can be offered to the employee with the best performance. Your presentation can increase your pay scale and aiding you to reach the goals that were set and a new level of your productivity.Encouraging employee retentionThe rewarding valuable employee is vital to their loyalty to the company so a plan for compensation should be addressed. To achieve or retain this compensation and rewards are to have seniority status which gives the new hires the motivation to be loyal to the corporation and the current employees to stay onboard.Another way to reward the employees and applicants is to offer perks and benefits. The benefits and perks of a company can affect the type of employees and applicants you attract, offering the right benefits like health insurance, company profits including paid vacation and or paid holidays to your full time employees, this also helps attract the right type of applicants.Conclusion:Management is a very important position to fill but it crucial that the HR representative takes the right steps because if it’s not handled carefully you can end up with bigger problems. The applicant selection is very sensitive but once the job specification and description and compensation system will help the HR representative with the selection development and attract the right applicants.