The red room

The narrator tells the story in a way that comes across is that the only person remotely sane is he. Three of the elderly people in the story fit into the atmosphere of the house. The whole scene is dark and gloomy with only the fire burning which warmed up the house and environment. They all have a monstrous appearance, which seems somewhat in human, which creates doubt in his strong disbelief about ghosts.

The doubts he has do not stop him as he still goes along with his thrilling journey.

As ah enters the room he peers about. Immediately as he shuts the door behind him it’s like a panic comes over him and he starts to walk up and down the room, opening the curtains and checking the locks of the windows and looking up the black chimney. He even goes as far as knocking the walls for any secret passages. He decides to light some candles in order to calm his nerves. He finally tries to relax and relies on his revolver to keep him safe.

The silence over powered the atmosphere and he becomes very uneasy again. He to sits calmly and tries to sing and speak to himself to keep out the horrifying doubts from his mind. He started putting candles around the room in the deepest, darkest corners and whist doing that he even managed to make a joke about the ghosts stepping on them.

The tension begins to rise again when one of the lights goes out at about twelve midnight and the darkness holds out a hand to him again “the blackness strange back to its place there.” Getting up to put the candle back on turned around and the two candles were out on the other side of the room. Lighting and outing the candles went on and with the process of running around after the candles he managed to bruise himself with a fall. At this point everything is getting flustered and over whelming.

The way in which he panicked caused him to have that type of experience in the room. He screams in fear ” with all his might,”

The old people who are said to be bent with yellow decaying teeth and unfriendliness to one another mostly create the atmosphere. The fact that the house is also cold and dark makes it seem a bit spooky and haunted. Imagery like, “Looking at me with a queer, unnatural tilting of the head shows the kind of environment that the young man is in. The imagery and everything else brings the characters to life and is very powerful. To feel fear is very unpleasant, but to feel it in complete darkness is a completely different level. Fear without light or sound must be a new and very frightening experience. The overwhelming panic could cause a person to react in a way that may seem unusual but is also understandable.

The room could be haunted by the ghosts of the dead that stayed all the shadows of the room and only come out when the living are near, following them and needing company in the lonely corners of the “Red Room”. Even though the story is short, it has a very powerful storyline that I enjoyed a lot. The writer has probably left the “Red Room more open ended and ambiguous, because it is never really clear whether the ghost does exist or if it is psychological.