The river, doesn’t mean that is very clean.

The Ganges River also known as a holy body of water, is very well know as a part of India The Ganges is India’s holiest river.  The Ganges River is a 1569 mile long river that flows through India and Bangladesh.  Even though the Ganges is known as a holy river, doesn’t mean that is very clean.  There are different causes and effects why the river is polluted, and in this essay I will give some explanations why. India’s Ganges River is very polluted for various reasons.  One very important reason is because, the Ganges passes through one of the most populated cities in the world. Some of the main Ganges river pollution are people who work in factories, that have pipes leading into the river.  Industrial waste which is chemicals, and other waste products that come from factories.  Which led to untreated sewage, but the Primary pollution is going to have to be human waste.  The river flows through very big cities with some population well over 100,000.  This is very important because, these cities have sewer pipes flowing out into the river. The effects for the Ganges River causes people to get sick, and causes people to have diseases that can spread.  Approximately 1 billion litres of raw, untreated sewage are dumped in the river on a daily basis.   Thousands of bodies are cremated on the banks of the river yearly with many being released into the river with hopes that their souls may have a direct path to heaven.  This causes corps and other unwanted things floating around in the river.   Ways the Ganges river can be purified is by, stop adding more fuel to the fire.  What I mean by this is, stop putting more trash into the water.  Another way is by making the sewage pipes have another transport, and out of the river.  This will really help from waste stop flowing into the river.  One good way to stop waste is by having guards around certain parts of the river where the most people are.  The reason I say this is because this can stop people from leaving trash, and leaving waste. While India’s population keeps growing, more and more people are leaving the countryside and moving to big cities along the Ganges.  The problem for the Ganges might never get purified.