The Romantic Period Literature Study Guide

What were the years of the Romantic period of literature?

Who wrote Lyrical Ballads, the collection of poems that began Romantic period?
William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Another way to date the Romantic period is to say that it began with what?
The French Revolution (1789)

Which three poets were the first generation of Romantic poets?
William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, and William Blake

Which other poets were the second generation of Romantic poets?
Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Keats, and Lord Byron George Gordon

During the Romantic Age, England changed from an agricultural society to what type of nation?
Industrial Society

What was happening in America at this time?
The American Revolution

What is the name of the prison in France that started the French Revolution?
The Bastille Prison

Why were Englishmen worried about the French Revolution?
They were afraid the common people would revolt too

What happened to many French aristocrats at this time?
The French aristocrats were put to death, beheaded, and massacred

What invention performed the dastardly deed that is the answer to #10?
The Guillotine

Who took control of the French government first as dictator then as emperor?
Napoleon Bonaparte

In which battle did the English finally defeat Napoleon for good?
At the Battle of Waterloo 1815

How did manufacturing change as a result of the Industrial Revolution?
By switching to factories

What was the name of the policy whereby economic forces allowed to operate freely without government interference?
Laissez faire (allow to do)

What was the result of this policy or philosophy?
No laws were passed to regulate factory safety, workers’ hours, low wages, or child labor

What happened to many of the small children of the poor at this time?
They had to work in factories; were used as beasts of burden (like animals)

To what type of writing did the Romantic poets turn at this time?
Lyric: poetry about the emotions not about reasoning

What did the Romantic poets think was the best response to the forces of change?

As a historical term, what three meanings does the term romantic signify?
Fascination with youth/innocence, adaptation to change, and questioning of authority

What was good poetry, according to Wordsworth?
Spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings

What sort of language and subjects did Wordsworth advocate for poetry?
Simple/commonplace language (no trouble understanding)

On what sort of life did Wordsworth focus in his poetry?
The ordinary life

What type of poets are the Romantics called?
Imaginative, nature poets

To the Romantic poets, the imagination was not only a special faculty of the mind but also what else?
A desire to learn

How does the speaking in a lyric poem differ from the reasoning verse of the Restoration Period?
It was more emotional; Swift had no emotion when suggesting eating the children

What is usually the setting of Gothic literature?
Mysterious and strange

What is the intention of Gothic literature?
To make the reader’s blood run cold, make the reader scared

What type of literature as one way that people expressed a sense of helplessness about forces beyond their control, about revelations, and about industrialization’s economic changes?
Gothic literature helped to forget about other things; it helped to clear the mind