The Romantic Period

What is considered the most influential event in the Western world since the advent of Christianity?
the French Revolution

Who called the French Revolution a “purifying violence” that broke the Great Chain of Being?

When was the Storming of the Bastille?(Month ##, year)
July 14, 1789

Who were the “Children of the French Revolution?”
The Romantic poets

Revolutions in which two countries heavily impacted the Romantic poets?
France and the US

Whose “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” influenced the Romantic poets?
Mary Wollstonecraft

Whose “An Inquiry Concerning Political Justice” influenced the Romantic poets?
William Godwin

What work is considered the manifesto of Romanticism?
William Blake’s The Proverbs of Hell

Give the four basic characteristics of Romanticism.
A love of Nature/Wilderness (pantheism/primitivism), Celebration of Individualism, Love of the Gothic, Love of Shakespeare and Milton’s Satan

What English legislation in 1832 gave power to the middle class and ushered in the Victorian era?
the Reform Bill

When was Lyrical Ballads published, and by whom?(year, Name or Names)
1798, Wordsworth and Coleridge

What profession did William Blake adopt after a stint at the Royal Academy of the Arts?

Whom did William Blake marry?
Catherine Boucher

Name three Blake works that we read.
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, The Book of Thel, The Proverbs of Hell

Summarize Blake in one word.

Whose theory of the universe was founded on the belief that the human soul must assimilate experience into innocence, so that, through imagination, we can reach “higher organized innocence?”

When Blake mentions “higher organized innocence,” what does he mean?
organized religion

Blake gives two images in the Proverbs of Hell, one animal symbolizing the poet and another symbolizing reason/calculation. What are they?(poet and reason, in that order)
Eagle and fox

Where was William Wordsworth born?
the Lake District

Whose father died when he(the son) was 13?
William Wordsworth

Which Romantic poet went to Paris to witness the Revolution first hand–and had a daughter, Caroline, with Annette Vallon along the way?
William Wordsworth

Who lived in Dove Cottage(Grasmere) with his sister Dorothy?
William Wordsworth

Which Romantic poet died at the age of 80 after a 4 mile walk(also very anti-drug)?
William Wordsworth

Which Romantic poet was made poet laureate of England in 1843?
William Wordsworth

Who wrote the preface to Lyrical Ballads?
William Wordsworth

Who claimed he wrote in the “real language of men?”
William Wordsworth

Who said that a poet is a “man speaking to men”…also that a poet is the same in “kind” but different in “degree of creative sensibility?”
William Wordsworth

Who said that poetry is the “spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling…recollected in tranquility?”
William Wordsworth

“Savage torpor”
William Wordsworth

“hedgerows run wild”
Wordsworth, “Tintern Abbey”

“something…a spirit…in ocean, air, sky, and…mind of man”
Wordsworth, “Tintern Abbey”

Whose theory of the universe was the polar opposite of John Locke’s “tabula rasa,” meaning blank slate?
William Wordsworth

child is a “Priest…prophet…philosopher”
“Ode: Intimations of Immortality”

Which Romantic poet enlisted under the false name “Silas Tomkyn Comberbache” and proved the “worst calvaryman in the history of the British army?’

Which Romantic poet was brilliant, but a total bust academically when he attended Jesus College, Cambridge?

Whose brothers paid for him to return to Cambridge, though he never finished his degree?

What poem opens Lyrical Ballads? (“Work”, Author)
“Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Coleridge

What poem closes Lyrical Ballads?(“Work,” Author)
“Tintern Abbey,” Wordsworth

Which Romantic poet, unhappy in his marriage to Sarah Fricker, was hopelessly in love with Sarah Hutchinson?

Who wrote Biographia Literaria?

Who wrote “Dejection: an Ode?”

Under Coleridge’s definition, is primary, secondary, or tertiary imagination “the power of perception, the repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation. (the “infinite I AM)” It’s the one that’s unconscious and innate in all humans….
Primary Imagination

Which degree of imagination, according to Coleridge, coexists with the conscious will and “dissolves, diffuses, and dissipates” what the poet perceives in order to recreate into a new form?
Secondary imagination

What is Coleridge’s term for the “ability to mold into a unity?”
Esemplastic power

Under Coleridge’s definition, this category of imagination is the trivial one–nothing creative, it plays only with fixities and definites, rehashing what humanaity knows and has already written? This is the one the Neoclassicists supposedly used….

Under what genre does “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” fall? (besides lyrical ballads, of course.)

In what form is “Rime” written?
Mechanical form

In what form is “Kubla Khan” written?
organic form

Who urged us to “suspend disbelief” to fully appreciate the dual narrative between the spiritual and natural worlds in his works?