The root of the problem, but positive peace

The last phase of third triangle is peace
keeping, it means maintaining peace and assuring that there is power and force
to help keep the established peace and forbidding the reoccurrence. Peace
keeping mention to ending direct violence. Galtung’s defined negative peace as
the peace that does not resolve the root of the problem, but positive peace as
the peace that resolves the root of the problem.

model escalation and de-escalation of conflict. The conflict started from
difference between two parties. Contradiction refers to the root of conflict.
In addition this lead to the polarizations between two parties. Polarizations create
violence against each other.  Violence stage
makes war between two parties this stage is the master point of escalation. The
conflict should transformation to de-escalation phase to create ceasefire to
stopping direct violence or to war limitation between the two disagreements parties.
The de-escalation starting after creating ceasefire and agreement between two
parties. The stage of normalizing and reconciliation are to completely end the
conflict between two parties.

     Sierra Leone is placed on the coast of
West Africa. The North of Sierra Leone is Guans. The south of Sierra Leone is
Liberian. Britain occupied till 1961. Sierra Leone Gained independence in 1961.Community
Sierra Leone we can say that is a tribal community, but the Tamani and Mandi
tribes are competing for an authority. The largest of these tribal are the
Temne making up 35% and the Mende making up 31%. The majority of Sierra Leone’s
population is Muslim. Muslim making up 62%, Christians making up 28%, and other
beliefs such as Hindus, atheists, and Jews making up 10%.Sierra Leone has a
wealth of natural resource, especially diamond, gold,  clean water, arable lands. Joseph Momoh was
president of Sierra Leone In 1985-1992 executing as dictatorial government.
Joseph Momoh Government system was seen as corrupt, and people blame the
government of not looking out the best of the people. Conflict started in
Sierra Leone. According to micro analysis this conflict is asymmetric conflict
between government and group of Revolutionary United Front (RUF). The
difference started when Joseph Momoh governed in Sierra Leone, because he was
executing as dictatorial government.  The
main cause for this contradiction was to gain power of the Sierra Leone, and
its diamond fields. The polarization phase started between government with army
group of (RUF) and other army groups, and both of them crated violence against
each other and against people. This was the opening of 11 year civil war. The
civil war taking place in 1991-2002 in Sierra Leone when the Revolutionary
United Front (RUF) supported from the Special Forces of Charles Taylor’s National
Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Charles he is 2nd president of
Liberia, intervened in Sierra Leone to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government.
Many people have been killed during civil war. (RUF) its aim to control over the
country and diamonds field.majority of its fighters and followers are from
Mende tribe. Non-state actors as one of character of this conflict for example,
Muammar Gaddafi supported (RUF) solider, he took diamond in return for weapons.
Charles Taylor 2nd president of Liberia supported (RUF). In 1992
president Joseph momoh overthrew in military coup led by Captain Valentine
Strasser. Ahmad Tejan Kabban elected president in 1996; he signed peace with
(RUF). This peace is negative peace because of does not